Effective, Yet Improper Self-Help

In order to overcome my OCD and an unhealthy level of emotions for the heartache of strangers, I started watching gore videos on the internet. Now, I can wipe some mayonnaise off of a plate before putting it into the dish washer or smell a ** without having a panic attack. It has changed my life for the better.

I don't cry anymore for the people brutalized by police. Last week, I told a girl that has a crush on me,

"______, I think you're great, but I'm not gonna waste your time or pull your heart strings. I don't have a crush on you so move on."

Dispite that, kids and disabled people being hurt still gets under my skin. Sure, I have a little PTSD, but I thickened my skin a lot.

My tips for looking at gore

-Always have a good paid anti-malware software
-No unencrypted files on your computer with passwords or sensitive documents
-Have a no logging VPN
-Use Tor, and click "new identity" for every search, and before you turn it off.
-Never download anything
-Never screenshot anything or save any links
-Don't sign up for anything
-If you see cp, report it to the cyber tips hotline using VPN
-Make sure you're facing a wall in case someone comes in the room

-If you're super paranoid, use Tails on a thumb drive with no percistant on a wifi network in a college dorm or apartment complex.

Next Confession

My barefoot wife

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  • Don't worry, you are still a therapist's **. Just not for OCD anymore.

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