My barefoot wife

I'm not a "foot" guy and don't think I have a foot fetish (maybe I do) but my wife's bare feet have been turning me on a lot lately and it hasn't been that way before. She walks around barefoot now that the weather is warmer. Her toenails are painted red.

She has this habit of putting her feet on the ottoman and reading. While she's reading, she'll wiggle her toes. I want to suck her toes and maybe, just maybe, move the ottoman out of the way and get on all fours in front of her (possibly naked) and let her rest her feet on my back. I want to spend time kissing them....heel to each toe on each foot...then the instep. That little place between the ankle and the heel.

I think tonight, I'll approach the issue with her by massaging and putting lotion on them for her and see where it goes. She'll either think I'm a weirdo and insist that I stop or love it....or think I'm a weirdo and just let me do it.

Apr 16, 2021

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  • I learned in our marriage right away that my husband had a foot fetish. I was really scared, but I read up on the subject. Rather than freak out, I decided to play along, drive him crazy since he loves feet! I’m a gardener, runner, teacher, sooo I’m on my feet a lot and sweat profusely. My surprise “attacks” on Todd are after 2 days in the same socks on weekends, I don’t even wash my feet at all. My feet absolutely REEK! Lol. So I put my feet in Todd’s lap, ask him to please remove my socks and rub my smelly feet. He’s like a kid in a candy store, and I know how to very easily get him to do anything I want! If intercourse lasts too long, I rub a bare foot in his nose and BOOM, he’s done!

  • I'm not a foot guy, either. Long, polished fingernails, yes. Major fetish. But, when my hot older sister polishes her toenails, or I do them for her, I admit, her soft, tanned, shapely feet and wide-based, red polished toenails do get me going. Maybe it's that I have her in that position, legs spread, and my hand can easily move up and have fun with her, or maybe the rarity of seeing her bare feet and red polished toenails do it, but damn, I do get revved up when she's like that.

  • I found myself in this same boat with my wife. One night we set down and I talked to her about it. She thought it was sweet and put her feet in my lap. The next night same thing. We talked some more. Ended up looking up fetish p*** based around foot slaves and trampling. We learned together what we liked and didn't. For the last 15 years, I have been my wife's foot slave. She found that she enjoys having her boots cleaned. So every time she wears her boots at the end of the night I become her boot stool and clean her boots with my tung. Happy wife and happy life.

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