My weird secret fantasy

I have a weird fantasy and it's a secret that kills fantasy is the following(plzz do not read if u r disturbed by kidnap and s** stuff)
i fantasize about getting kidnapped by a group of unknown shemales that will isolate me from the real world and no one will ever remember me.they blackmail me with my photos and secrets and i have no choice except to be feminized by them and be their sissy slave forever.they turn me into the girl of every man's wet rules are to never talk,im always caged and tied,i suck them everyday and eat their c**,p***,s***,spit and every sunday they consider it as a treat and bring in their boyfreinds to suck their c**** and eat their c** and rim them.and that was the rest of my life sucking s****** c**** eating their c** and spit and s*** all week and being called a cumdump and i dont eat at all except the c** they constantly give me although im used to it and their bf c**** taste more manly than used now to live my life after a month as a girl c*** sucker used and abused and thats how im.gonna live my life from now till death

Apr 27

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  • Weird Flex, but okay..

  • I love to suck c*** email me

  • Shut up jackie!

  • I'm actually hoping that happens to you! Because we won't hear from you anymore! No more sickFUCKINGfag fantasies anymore!

  • Shut up jackie

  • Okay everyone. This is Jackie’s sister. Jackie has a disability and you are actually talking and saying things to someone who is on a 12 year old thinking process. She has been told to not post anything else to this site. Please do not say bad things about her. It just upsets her. You would not want anyone saying some of the terrible things you are saying to her to your family member. Jackie is a female. And does not do any of what is being said. No one on here is her neighbor. I am asking as her sister and someone who loves her for you to please stop. Thank you.

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