Last message from a Troll

Yes may be it would be my last message here because I have corona now. Before I die I want to say that I value and respect normal people with normal life who are here with genuine feelings and are actually seeking advice here. If I die I honestly want below people to die with me.

1) Super slu t (Jackie or Jack)
2) Incest asswoles
3) LGBT/pedos
4) panty sniffers/MIL lovers
5) Cross dressing asswholes

Die you #sickfucks

Apr 27

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  • I am soSORRY! I have seen you go outside a few times at night dressed in women's clothes jerkingOFF and saying out loud "I would fock me" over and over till I came!
    I recorded it and came on your face. Please do it again I will sneak up with a flashlight and bust a load on you!! You won't be able to do anything about because we are out and proud in public doing it!
    Stop pretending you are a woman here! We are both women! She/hes!!! Putting on your mothers clothes don't make you a woman Jackie or Jack as we call you! PLEASE just say yes you'll MARRY ME ALREADY!

  • The end result of complete cellular representation is cancer. Democracy is cancerous, and bureaus are its cancer. A bureau takes root anywhere in the state, turns malignant like the Narcotic Bureau, and grows and grows, always reproducing more of its own kind, until it chokes the host if not controlled or excised. Bureaus cannot live without a host, being true parasitic organisms. (A cooperative on the other hand can live without the state. That is the road to follow. The building up of independent units to meet needs of the people who participate in the functioning of the unit. A bureau operates on opposite principles of inventing needs to justify its existence.) Bureaucracy is wrong as a cancer, a turning away from the human evolutionary direction of infinite potentials and differentiation and independent spontaneous action to the complete parasitism of a virus. (It is thought that the virus is a degeneration from more complex life-form. It may at one time have been capable of independent life. Now has fallen to the borderline between living and dead matter. It can exhibit living qualities only in a host, by using the life of another — the renunciation of life itself, a falling towards inorganic, inflexible machine, towards dead matter.) Bureaus die when the structure of the state collapse. They are as helpless and unfit for independent existence as a displaced tapeworm, or a virus that has killed the host!

  • I have written a simple post expressing myself but there is a pathological moron who pretends to be Jackie and a troll corresponding to her replies. This guy have no self respect and no job he keeps sitting here on this site waiting for a post to come over and start his BS


  • I think everyone here is very confused.

  • You dumb twit. You're not dying of Covid.. What? You think everyone is dying from it? Bahahaha! Wake up Snowflake!

  • Thank you I'll take that in a positive way.

  • P L E A S E ! ! ! ! !

    DO NOTHING TO HARM YOURSELF OR END YOUR LIFE! Really! There is room for hope, and there is reason for hope, too. More people care about you than you think. Don't give up.

    CALL 800-723-8255, THE SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE. Please keep on going. Things will improve if you allow them to. Please stay with us! You are important!

  • Thank you Sir/Ma'am for your kindness. I tested negative today...I wish good health for you and for your family.

    OP :)

  • I am so very, VERY pleased to hear that great news!! I hope you see it as a sign of renewed life and hope, and that you'll go out and find new meaning. I will pray for you! Take every care and GET WELL SOON!!!!

  • Love you

  • You are one of the worst trolls. I hope you die.

  • I hope you to rape your mom before i die

  • Trolls are the noting but a menace. Never saying a good thing anywhere. Just extremely rude with comments. It's the same couple of a******* that go to all sites like this. They always think there comments are going to change things. They're wrong. It's made me start writing s*** for the sole purpose of p****** them off.

  • It baffles my why someone like this even comes here. WTF is wrong with you? Quit your beaching and do not visit this site again. I hope you have COPD or asthma.

  • OMG! You have a less than 1% chance of dying! Better start writing that will and living your life like it's your last day....IT MAY JUST BE!

  • I’m going to go put on my girly clothes just because! Slide on my sexy stockings and have a great evening of cross dressing!
    The world is tough enough without some closed minded j*** making things worse. It’s people like you that give conservative people a bad name. There are plenty of Compassionate Conservatives out there who support the freedoms of all people regardless of their s**, color, creed or orientation. Obviously you aren’t one of them.

  • I know you will not change thats why i want you to die with me m***********

  • ByeBye good riddance to you poor baby! May your death be a painful one since you have such hatred for people!

  • Stfu dumbass moron

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