Why ?

Why is it okay for a young man about 14/15 to have s** but it’s bad for a girl ? There both equal a man should be on some kinda pill women can only give birth once every 9months a man can have 9k baby’s in 6 months stop men

Apr 27, 2021

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  • No one is saying you can’t have s ex. I bet if you look at your local laws the age for you is probably between 13 and 16. Only place there is a hang up with it is in the Bible Belt. So take your pill, use protection and get after it.

  • Age and whether it's ok is a social construction. The ability to procreate is entirely biological. The first can be viewed as fair or unfair. The second cannot.

  • Parents should supervise their sons and ensure they never have s** until they are married. All dates should be chaperoned.

  • Yep chaperoning a 15 year old on a date will go over really well and I am sure they will love you for it.

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