Abused and PROUD

I have been abused and neglected by my parents since I was little (Although these two words aren't enough to explain my situation, I won't drag it). I'm still emotionally being tormented but I don't protest or resist. I have never resisted. Kind of feels like it was meant to happen. I don't know why and how I started thinking like this but it feels like everything in the world is predestined and unchangeable. Like, everyone has a certain Role to play. Even though I'm an Atheist now, this type of thoughts wouldn't go away. I feel like I was meant to be here, all these were meant to happen to me. If I weren't born into this family and in this situation, someone else would've and I know damn well, nobody I've met so far, could have survived this. They would either commit suicide or turn insane long ago. So I kind of feel Proud of myself for taking the burden. Every time I see someone happy or privileged, I tell them in my mind "You're Lucky I'm taking your burden. You could've been in my place and you wouldn't survive it!".

Apr 23, 2021

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  • All the more reason you shouldn't be an atheist.

  • There are many like you and yes we are born to be p***** by powerful , politicians etc etc.

  • Damn you really love yourself... Bit too much

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