Virus spreading cockroaches called Chinese should be exterminated

The Chinese are nothing but a filthy pathogen. They are literally cancer on earth and shouldn't exist.

Apr 30

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  • Karen!

    We get it! You deputized yourself to be the Anti-Incest Warrior and think you get to decide what can’t be posted in here.

    You call people 'f***' because you can't come to grips with your own gay l******.

    Then you post rants about Chinese people and Mark Zuckerberg censoring content while at the same time requesting NaughtyPosts to remove posts you don't like. F****** hypocrite Karen!

    In your feeble mind you're the greatest Anti-Incest Warrior to ever post here.
    Then you made it a point to spam the message boards with other stupid stories about Feet, Drunk Barefoot Chicken, Toenail Sndwich Challenges, Dancing with Bananas, etc.

    But you're really infamous on NaughtyPosts and ConfessionPost as the reptile with a fetish for young children as evidenced by your posts of child exploitation links to pics distributed by and also .

    You're even dumber than anyone on here when you try to obscure by posting it as '' which is obviously not a real domain. You really are that stupid, Karen.

    But both of your email addresses above have been forwarded to the FBI for the Child Exploitation materials that are sold through those two email addresses.

    Won't be long and you'll be Bubba's girlfriend in the pen.

    So all that is left to say is,

    F*** YOU KAREN!!!

  • What is wrong with you

  • F*** korea you are korea pig i don't like korea and my mom don't like korea chick too

  • Cockroach virus neeed spread to korea

  • Asain korean chick are not funny exaist in the word i need put cockriach in you face

  • I had one beaten with my baseball bat and i am proud of it...b***** bat eaters

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