You never know who you might run into

Noelle Peterson, the one that got away. All through high-school and halfway through college, I'd had a crush on Noelle Peterson. She'd disappeared halfway through college, just did not show up for year three. Of course there were rumors; a girl that hot doesn't just go off the grid without causing a disturbance in the force. I'd heard several of them. She'd gotten pregnant and had to leave school. She'd quit to become a model; She'd quit to do p***, no one really knew. And now here she was again.

She was just there, jogging slowly in the park, what were the odds of that. As she got near us, I just stopped and stared at her, with my mouth hanging open. Apparently I'd lost the ability to work my body parts, because I couldn't seem to remember how to close it. My mouth wasn't the only thing I'd forgotten. Elaine was still walking and didn't realize that I wasn't until the yank on our still clasped hands almost pulled her off her feet.

Noelle jogged over and said "Hi," just as if the past four years had never happened.

"Hi Cal," she said, with her effervescent smile.

"Hi Noelle," I replied, with every fiber of my being trying to sound as friendly as possible, while also conveying the fact that I'd do anything she wanted anytime she wanted.

"Who's this?" she asked, holding out her hand to Elaine.

"Who's who?" I replied still smiling like an idiot.

I was brought out of my stupor by Elaine's sharp elbow hitting my sensitive ribs.

"Oh," I said, "Noelle Peterson, meet Elaine Saunders, we're engaged."

"Oh congratulations," beamed Noelle, "You're really lucky, he's a great guy."

"Well," she said. "I need to finish my run; hope I run into you again." And she was gone, leaving me hot and bothered in her wake.

"Well, I need to finish my run," mocked Elaine, pretending to run, and trying to make her hair bounce the way Noelle's had.

"Close your mouth dumb ass, you're letting all of the flies out," snapped Elaine.

"Besides, she's gone, and if you know what's good for you, don't ever let me hear that b****'s name come out of your mouth," she said. I guess I was prepared for the reaction, because Noelle was a very polarizing force. Every guy I knew, regardless of race creed or color, lusted after her. And almost every woman I knew hated her.

Noelle was probably the sweetest and kindest person I knew, and I really believe that she had no idea, of the reaction she caused in men. Women on the other hand just seemed to automatically compare themselves to her, and lost. She was tall, and slender, with incredible legs, a heart shaped butt, and just perfect b******. She had long very blond hair, blue eyes, and lips that just demanded to be kissed.

Elaine on the other hand, was barely five feet tall; with the biggest juiciest ass you've ever seen. This was important to me because I am beyond a doubt an ass man plain and simple, but she has small b******. Over the next couple of days, I could tell Elaine was still reacting to the Noelle encounter. Every time we did anything, it was, "Are you sure you wouldn't rather be with Noelle." Even now after more than an hour of great s**, there were the Noelle comparisons.

Elaine straddled me with her head facing towards my feet. Then she started riding me faster and faster. She knew I loved this position, because it allowed me to watch her flex that ass as she worked. She had this ability to squeeze my d*** with the walls of her v***** and just milk the sperm out of me. Right now, she was squeezing and I was squirming, and then she suddenly stopped. She turned her head and torso around so she could look over her shoulder at me.

"Almost there huh?" she smiled at me.

"Uh huh," I said, nodding vigorously at her.

"I guess you want to c**, huh?" she asked.

"Well yeah," I snapped.

She started moving again, and I teetered near the brink.

"Slap that ass, baby," she said.

"You like that ass, don't you?" she asked in a breathless voice.

"Oh yeah I replied doing my best to hold back."

"You like this p****, don't you?" she asked again.

"I love this p****," I said through clenched teeth.

Then she got off me and came around and looked at me.

"Good," she snapped evilly.

"I want you to remember, how p***** off you are at me right now," she smirked.

"Because, if you ever "Run into" that b**** again, this is how it'll be," she snapped.

"Only you'll be cut off permanently," she said.

Then she got up and took a shower leaving me there on the bed. When she came out of the bathroom, I was p*****. As she sauntered over to me to kiss me goodbye, I didn't even want to talk to her, let alone kiss her goodbye. I really just wanted her to get the f*** out of my apartment so I could j******* while I imagined I was f****** Noelle. I know when I'm f****** Elaine I'll be imagining I'm f****** Noelle and her great body for a while.

May 2, 2021

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