I hate mexicans

I'm sick of mexicans coming to this country unable to bother to learn english. They are rude, dirty animals.

May 11, 2021

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  • I didn't care about the Uvalde shooting. They need to be discriminated and ignored because they believe they're white. This should happen more often. I know Spanish is a white nationality but there's a different between us and them. I can always tell who is a white Mexican yet the white ones still want to refer themselves as brown because its convenient for them and pathetically relate to blacks with their "plight" (which they don't have) they like to play victim when a "gringo" insults them and the actual brown ones are discriminated in their own country. Blonde hair doesn't look well on you people. We can still see that you're a nationality from Mexico. Whenever I think of Mexico, I think of trash in a desert, messy garbage food and anchor babies. I need my lawn mowed please, gracias! Get them backs wet.

  • They wish to be white. How sad and pathetic is that? Oh wait, they're not a race so not important.

  • I hate mexicans too!!! Everytime I rent to them, they never pay rent!!! They have a good paying job and lots of money but they never leave!!! When you rent to a mexican, they act like they own the place!!! They will hog everything, your house, your rooms, your garage, your backyard!!! When you kick them out they will act like they are the owner! and say that "we're mean", while they hog your house that is not there's!!!

  • They behave like that if you give them a higher position at work. Like management and whatnot. I never do. I know how they function. Lazy baby poppers

  • They needa cleanup all nonwhites do

  • That's boring. I rather befriend blacks than a Mexican ANY day.

  • Racist f***

  • What's a racist?

  • Mexicans aren’t the only ones, there are PR’ and Dominicans which are just as bad. These f****** will stab you for a dollar and are criminals to the core. All scum no doubt

  • I think all these different brown and yellow races started out as n****** i think maybe the blacks will be brownoids in a hundred years they all want white sperm i think they start out as blacks and gradually whiten their way up i'm not sure but they'll never look german or celtic. just a thought.

  • Thats because black guys hate themselves. And no s*** Sherlock. Learn hx

  • Take it easy guys....i am also a Mexican and this is just another attention seeking f***** looking for comments from us...get a real job loser

  • MexiCANT

  • Shut up mexcrement

  • Knowledge of English is not the only indicator of being human. You are an example of an animal still knowing English!!

  • Racist F***!

  • Mexican isn't a race you illiterate r*****

  • They want to be like their white Spanish ancestors but can't because they're interethnically mixed with Native. Not a race. Try explain that to them. Complete denial hahaha

  • Mexican is a mutt ideology of worshipping moloch by eating your brother's heart while it's still beating.

  • Basically

  • Learn to use a dictionary . "a person who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized"

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