Ok so I've been dating this guy for about five years now and I love him dearly. We are engaged to be married but a while ago we hit a rough patch and I started seeing this other man, we'll call him guy #2. Anyway I ended up in love with guy #2 and to this day we remain close friends. Whenever I'm around him I fall weak at the knees and we end up having s**, and it's so passionate. My fiance is military and is away right now, I know he loves me and he's the most reliable man to be with, he has a future, but I think my heart is with guy#2. The problem, guy #2 is my best friend's sister's baby daddy and he is the definition of man w****. Last time we slept together we didn't use a condom (the result of drunk s**) and I'm so afraid if we were to be together he would give me some sort of std. The other problem, he lives in another state now with his children and I know he cannot be trusted without me there all the time. He says he'll come to me and be with me or I could move up there but I'm so unsure, should I end an engagement with a wonderful man who I would be happy with to follow my heart knowing I'm risking everything including my health.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^Fine, #1 cheating makes him a dirtbag too, doesn't excuse your cheating though. If all of you are cheating, none of you are happy and should get the h*** away from each other.

  • For the record, I left this post, guy 1 cheated with my best friend. I lost trust, met guy 2.

  • I think guy #2 is your best bet. Listen you cheated already, and instead of lying to #1 you should give him up. He deserves better than you, and if you do pick him, tell him what you did, don't go for years letting him think you were some faithful person. Oh, and if you do stay with #1, think of the fact that if you do have something, you'll probably give it to him as well.

    Please, if you have any respect for #1 call it off with him, once a cheater always a cheater.

  • ^agreed! You r way too ignorant in this situation!

  • Woman here.

    Um, is this a serious question? Were you dropped on your head as a child or something? STOP SEEING GUY #2, YA DUMB B****!

  • I am a guy but this sounds like the classic having to choose between a good boy and a bad boy. I dont want to be rude but from a guys perspective its so comfusing as to why your choice is not more obvious. The good guy will treat you with respect not put you in danger and stand by you when you need him the bad boy wont. As a sensitive good guy myself I am so frustrated with women choosing bad boys. Choose the good guy ok he might not be exciting but he is loyal, honest and caring very important qualities. good luck with your dilemma

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