That I am unsure about my gender. I don't feel like I'm male or female. But at the same time non binary doesn't feel right either. I have female anatomy and it doesn't bother me and I have no issues with my body but I don't really feel like I'm fully a woman. None of this makes sense and I'm so confused.

May 24, 2021

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  • You might be demigirl!!

  • If you have a p**** you're a male if you have a v***** you're a female.

  • You are 100% a female. Whether or not you feel like the utmost feminine person ever does not matter. There are only 2 genders and you are specifically female.

  • Amen

  • "Two genders look in your pants" kind of people are so strange look up intersex dumbasses

  • Gender Dysphoria is real, numbnutz!

  • If your a girl, wear makeup and dresses. If you're a boy, wear jeans, shirts and grow a beard. Simple. Why choose to be gay?

  • Do you have nothing better to do?

  • Ditto

  • First off ask yourself what it means to feel "male or female". I'd consider myself a clear male, but there's no internal measure to say "yup, that's 100% you". No, it's just a rough approximation of what I see and others see. I wouldn't know how to say I'm 100% that. Right now, proclaiming one's gender identity is popular right now; and that's essentially all it is - a social contagion of of overemphasizing something that really only matters when it comes to procreation. This is probably a sloppy analogy but imagine immigrating to a new country, enculturating yourself, and then later returning to your birthplace. You'd feel out of place in both places, yet still connected. You can choose one or the other, or you can mix identities, but in the end all that matters is whether you have a home, food, friends and good social supports. That's it. Identity doesn't matter nearly as much as everyone is making it out to be.

  • I have read sone of the responses and I feel people just looking for problems..

  • They're making up fantasies to get attention. That's why I ignore gay ppl

  • I'm a guy and i never felt 100% a guy.
    I tend ti feel feminine ans when i had thus GF and I told her i liked to wear panties, she got one for me to wear that night ans from then on.
    You are not alone with your feelings and it is really hard when you do not fit in and you do not know why.
    Be happy with yourself and find that other half of you to feel better about yourself.
    You are fine, it is the world that made all of us feel out of step with it and it tries ti make us fit in a round peg inyi a square hole.
    Have a great life and relax, your fine!

  • You admit that you have female anatomy. This solves your main problem. Mentally if you feel you are a male look for any sign of it in the genital area. Best will be to talk to your mother and discuss all about you with her....

  • If you're not sure of your gender then check between your legs. If you're still confused then get a trusted friend to do it for you. You are entitled to feel however you want but you are still biologically male or female, fact.

  • Yup

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