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I'm in a long distance relationship with my significant other; we live on two separate continents...and I'm starting to feel that we live in two different worlds. We have never consummated our relationships before, because she is a person who doesn't do that with just anyone. And as the person I am, i respect that, but in our own way we have progressed to certain intimate advances. As the time has gone by, I feel she just doesn't care, and when i ask her questions about intimacy...we're starting to go backwards. Meaning, the things we have done before as a couple are starting to get off the table, and I'm not okay with that. I like her a lot, I feel she could be 'the one', but also at the same time, this b**** doesn't care, and I'm not okay with that. This person is starting to make me feel unwanted, and I feel she genuinely doesn't give a s*** about me. I understand that she is working, and I am studying, and then the time difference and all of that... but it seems to be that I always put more of an effort than her. Every relationship I've been in, I have always been the one to care more, I have always been the one to put forth the effort. Almost year, and I'm thinking about breaking up with this person because she genuinely doesn't deserve a guy like me. And no, I'm not being conceded , I just know my worth.
So now, I'm contemplating if I should break up with her or see if things change. I am attached to her for sure, but being attached to people who don't better your life are just toxic people.

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  • Sexless marriages either are miserable or don't last on the norm because there is lack of an intimate emotional bond. LDR are hard at best to do successfully.

  • Lol.
    You poofter

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