I don't understand the difference

To not understand the fundamental difference between being transexual and being transracial. Both situations one is born into a body they didn't choose, and they both identify as a different social construct. The odd thing is that race is much more fluid than gender. Race can be very tough to figure out while gender is usually much easier to figure out (just by watching a person walk). Also, gender is highly concordant with ** (gamete size), which means that race is more socially constructed. Shouldn't that mean that transracialism should be more accepted than transgenderism or at the very least accept them both equally?

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  • A trans is never going to be the ** they pretend to be. No one will ever see them in that way. It doesn't matter if every goofball in the world pretends and plays along. No one will ever see them the same way they do another man or woman of the same ** if they're trying to pretend to be. It's ridiculous and I'm so sick of it. I don't hate the trans people. How about I loathe the progressive to push the garbage

  • There’s science behind being transgender there’s nothing to support transrace or wtf ** y’all trynna do. And then what y’all are gonna be okay with pedos being trans age??? Like you sound dumb. You’re not trans race just racist.

  • Yeah they say be yourself and then for some reason they can't see you as a different person, they would rather have you conform to a person more like them..
    So what are they?
    I would have to say, slow to accept you or afraid to know you?
    We're all the same yet we are so different.
    I'm a crossdresser and I told my wife and she made me feel so comfortable in my own body and soul.
    She even introduced me to jewelry by buying me a blue stretch braclet and that grew to rings and brackets. and necklaces and everthing included with that.
    Afrter a shopping trip at the store I asked her do you think they know I'm a crossdresser?
    She said they know but nobody gave me a bad time or ridicules me instead we all have fun and laughs.
    We we spent lots of money at that store and we all got to be friends for years with the staff all on a first name basis.
    Just be yourself and do not lie because you are just like everone else then and that is not a good thing..
    I hope others like myself have as great of a wife as I do!!!!!!

  • I don't understand why there has to be so much spastic speculation over how people "identify". People cannot just be who they are, they have to Have An Identity that must be worshiped no matter how often the specifics change. It's much more narcissistic than useful and I am so over the "I'm so confused" and "I don't understand" ** that people love to be heard saying. You do not seem enlightened or introspective, you seem self centered and incapable of focusing on more important things such as being a decent HUMAN BEING.

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