I don't understand some things about trans

I confess that I just can't seem to wrap my mind around the trans/woke narrative conflict. I get that people can feel uncomfortable in whatever gender identity was hoisted upon them, but I can't understand how one can claim to be a gender they have little experience being. Eliot Page (formerly Ellen) claims to be a "him". How is that possible? Did Elliot spend most of their teenage years trying to deal with and eventually managing the overwhelming urge to f*** and fight? Probably not. So, how can they so easily state that they are male without experiencing a very critical aspect of male development? With that said, the woke mantra when it comes to race is that white people can't even hope to understand what it is to be black without having lived the black experience. How does race narrative jive with the gender narrative when they say the completely opposite thing about identity? How can one group state that identity is totally fluid while the other states that identity cannot even hope to be understood by those who don't belong in the category? This is probably not the place to vent this sort of thing but I can't think of many other places one can state such obvious dilemmas without being attached by the woke or conservative mobs. Any thoughts...aside from the usual perverse s*** (totally fine, but not for this post please)?



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  • Educate yourself pal

  • OP sounds very erudite and willing to consider more than one viewpoint.
    Maybe STFU and take your own advice instead of trotting out the tired old faux outrage... PAL.

    Fvcking moron.

  • I think most people admit that there is a difference between a trans man and a biological man because there is a difference in the way they have experienced life, similar to how there is a difference between how a black man and a white man experience life. They are all men (according to the line of thought) but there are key differences. I think the reason it’s said that gender is fluid while another race can’t experience or understand the experience of another race is because people are beginning to realize gender is more mental and race is physical and unchanging. While gender usually aligns with the s** organs that’s not always the case hence transgender, intersex, non-binary etc

  • Doesn't matter. There are biological differences between male and female that go beyond what you're carrying in your pants, and those differences don't go away no matter how loudly you scream about your precious "feelings".

  • I am not surprised the #woke types are tiptoeing past this, pretending they suddenly can't read.
    The social warrior narrative used to have a positive purpose, but now it's just an excuse for bored overprivileged white teenagers and brown people who aren't living like the Jeffersons to whine and complain over every little thing, real and pertinent or not.
    Usually not, because the true, deep issues need to be dealt with by EVERYONE concerned, and those people are hellbent on not doing anything to solve the issue besides point fingers and screech like scalded chimpanzees.
    If there can't be useless noisy drama about it-- if the actual solution is thought-out, sustained work and/or the "oppressed" people concerned are not currently fashionable-- then they don't want anything to do with it.

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