I think I'm transgender

I was born a girl but I've always knew I wasn't . When I was younger I did play with dolls and so called "girly things" but as soon as I turned 12 everything changed, I felt different from the other girls. They started to talk about guys and wear make up while I was trying to figure out why I was so different. My best friend is trans gender, he's the one that told me I could be apart of the lgbt+.
That's were I started my journey to find out what my gender was. At the age of 13 I thought that all my questions had been answered when
I thought I was non-binary and from then I believed I was non-binary. I do believe the idea of being transgender was never open to me, my parents have managed to convince me that I couldn't be trans because of how I was when I was younger and until now I've believed that. My parents also think I want to cut my hair and hide my chest because I want to copy my trans best friend.
I'm unsure what to do now. I'd appreciate if someone could give me some advice.

Apr 17

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  • “I think….”

    That’s your first mistake.

  • Try to have surgery to have a fully functional c***. Then you can be a man, s**** men, women and even animals too. The world is open to these things now, best of luck to you.

  • I'm pretty much going though the same thing right down to the having a trans best friend, if you think you are trans maybe try going by he/him with your friend group for a while and see how it feels? Also if you are able to bind pleease practice safe binding like with a proper binder no taping or whatever, if you practice unsafe binding there is a high change you won't be able to get top surgery as an adult too, you most likely already know this though. I wear a sports bra over a regular one and it flattens me out ok, also I wear black hoodies all the time and it works great too. Also I use make-up to contour my face to look more masc

  • Just be who you are, if you like girls that is ok but for heaven’s sake don’t alter your body with drugs and surgeries that will have such an irreversible effect on your health. If wearing blue jeans and a t shirt are your thing over a dress that is 100% ok and perfectly normal. If you like women over men again 100% normal. Just learn to like and love yourself for who you are and be yourself. Mom and dad say the things they say because that is how they were raised so cut them a little slack. The need to put a label on yourself should be a heck of a lot more concerning than the fact you are not attracted to men. All of the new self identifying catch phrases are just that, confusing language that tend to actually hurt more than help. I can’t say it enough please don’t do anything that could potentially have negative heath impacts and read about those therapies and surgeries as you will find that none of them are permanent and all have very harmful side effects ranging from cancer to suicidal ideations not to mention the complications of surgery. I am speaking as a dad whose daughter is in the same boat and age as you. Just love being you and let nature take its course as you don’t have to decide at this very moment (13) who you will be forever, live life and grow and be the very best you can be. What is in between your legs does not make you who you are, the thing in between your ears does. I really truly wish you the best and hope your parents will give you the encouragement to be a wonderful person without the need for some goofy label. Surround yourself with people who make you feel secure and happy. :-). There is only one true label for us and it’s human ;-)

  • Why wear a label at all? Cis, trans, whatever. Try something completely different. Everyone wants to come out as something because it's all the rage mostly because it's attention getting in an age of competitive suffering. Try wearing what you enjoy wearing regardless of the gender it is supposed to belong to. Mix and match. Just don't give it a name, or maybe just go with "q****" because it can mean just about anything. If other people have a problem with it ask they "why, and how does this affect you?"

  • At this point in life you aren't really defined yet. Instead of reaching for labels and trying to define yourself before you really know, why don't you just focus on becoming a healthier happier person and leave the labels for later. It sounds like you're interested in girls and that's part of the source for this confusion. But you could just be a lesbian and not be transgender at all. Give it some time and see how things come out.

  • If you don't know what your gender is just look between your legs.
    Feeling like you are something doesn't mean you are it.

  • S** and gender are different dumb s***

  • Nobody gives a f*** tho lmao if someone looks like a girl your going to tell them there a girl it’s pretty weird if your not trans or dealing with this you don’t have a say because it’s pretty hard stuff to deal with you can rudely go kill yourself they can choose what ever s** they want

  • Anti christ a*******

  • Sky daddy can suck my b****

  • Shut up

  • Jesus and Judas had s** I was there

  • Don't ruin your life by permanently altering your body with drugs and surgery, most people feel dysphoria at your age, it goes away after puberty for 99.97% of people. There's a good chance you're just tomboyish, and maybe a lesbian/bisexual.

  • So true fine advice

  • Yikes, these comments suck. Im a 20 yr old FTM trans guy, my honest advice: IT GETS BETTER.

    I spent like 11-14 confused and toyed with being NB for a bit, but at 15 I realized not only do I not want to be a girl, but I wanted to be a guy! It was SUPER s***** living with my parents, even tho I didn't come out til right before I moved out at 18, they def knew I was some type of q**** all throughout highschool. Same deal, they told me that i was trying to fit in to my majority q**** friendgroup. LMAO yeah, cuz being transgender is /definetly/ a way to fit in with all the cool kids XD

    My honest advice is this, just be urself. Experiment with wearing boy vs girl clothes, play around with your gender presentation, and just follow what feels the best! Something that really helped me is imagining my future self. It was definetly eye opening for me when I imagined where I wanted to be in 5, 15, 30, 50 years.. I pictured myself as a college guy, a father, and grandfather.. It just made so much more sense in my brain, I really couldn't picture myself living the rest of my life as a woman.

    Don't let any haters get you down. Whether its parents, peers, or society, just follow your truth! If I could show my younger self where I am today, I would never have believed that I could be this comfortable and confident in my gender and body! Starting testosterone has totally changed my life, and the confidence I have now makes all those years of confusion kinda pay off haha! I have moved far away from my hometown now, but I will always feel like I got the last laugh at my highschool bullies, cuz I turned out wayyy hotter as a guy and def glowed up on T.
    Questioning and exploring your gender might feel overwhelming or depressing, but it can also be a joyful and exciting process. Connect with other q**** kids ur age, and find ppl who can be supportive thru all the bullshit. Good luck buddy!!

  • I'm not the person who made this post, but holy s*** this comment helped me so much as well as it's probably helped others, ty man this makes me so f****** happy :]

  • You're a guy who finds it preferable to act like and dress like a girl. That doesn't make you a girl anymore than me wanting to be Chinese makes me Chinese.

  • Did you even read it d******

  • Transgender, non binary ?!?!?
    All trendy new words and all complete nonsense invented by the currently fashionable LGBT idiots.
    There are TWO GENDERS ONLY.
    The world has gone mad.
    You're either a bloke ( you've got a c*** )
    You're a bird (you've got a f****).
    If you think any differently you are not Normal and I would gladly execute you.

  • You're incredibly ignorant. Not only do you not understand the difference between s** and gender, even if you did you would still be wrong. There's more than 2 sexes, you're forgetting about intersex people. And wanting to execute someone because they're more knowledgeable about gender is stupid as f*** and concerning. Look into s** and gender before thinking you're right about it, and jesus christ get a therapist why do you care if it doesn't affect you?

  • YOU'RE incredibly ignorant if you think how a person "feels" gives them the right to force everyone around them to bow to those feelings. Why do you care about other people's opinions? They don't affect you. See a therapist

  • Obviously you wasn’t educated s** and gender are different also I think you should be executed because your not even human and people who deal with identity issues are the most normal people around being non-binary just means you can’t tell what s** someone is lol so you call them they /them because you don’t wanna assume and get it wrong a lot of straght people are like this because they get miss gendered a lot also it it wasn’t normal certain god’s wouldn’t be trans in some religion trans women are gods you can shut the f*** up you white American pale face trash of a human

  • I'm British actually and a normal straight bloke. There are TWO genders only.
    To put it quite simply as the bible states
    It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve
    ( or any other combination ) as sick people like you seem to think.

  • Question, are you a pro lifer?

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