Whoever you are, leave us alone

I was on a bus, and there was this really strange dude who’d always sit directly behind me or my friend (who I won’t name). One day this guy starts playing with my hair and when I look back at him he pretends he wasn’t doing anything and looks out the window. The more time passes, the more touchy he gets. He starts caressing my friends head, he kind of massaged mine. Note that we did not consent to any of this. Eventually, he just stops and leaves us in peace. He still sits behind us. He still occasionally touches my hair (at this point my friend had cut hers shorter), and I swear to god if you are seeing this (you know who you are) just know, I now carry a knife in my purse.

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Stomatch siting

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  • Stab him

  • Why in Gods name did you not tell the bus driver? 99% of buses have video and they would have him doing that. He hopefully would get caught before he does something worse!

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