Miss my teen age years

I was 21 when I lost my clothes in a strip game. I remember my girl friends laughing watching guys checking out my goodies. Always fantasied about exposing myself naked in public. I got so damn h**** and wet I almost fainted. At least it wasn't so embarrassing as guys having to walk around with their d**** stuck up in the air.

Jun 6, 2021

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  • One night my girlfriend, I and my college roommate and his girlfriend were all in our dorm room and we decided to play strip poker. His girlfriend didn't want to play so she left leaving my girlfriend as the only girl. My roommate asked if we still wanted to play and my girlfriend said sure. Soon my girlfriend was naked and my roommate and I just had our boxers on. My girlfriend said that we should play one more hand to see who was the winner. My roommate said what will you bet and my girlfriend said that she would give a b****** to the winner. When we played the hand I had good cards but I wanted to see my girlfriend suck his d*** so I threw away the better cards. I got lousy cards and my roommate won. My girlfriend went over to him and pulled down his boxers and started sucking on his d***. He quickly came. My girlfriend motioned me over and she kissed me with his come still in her mouth. My roommate got behind my girlfriend and stuck his d*** into her c*** and doing so he took her virginity since we hadn't had intercourse yet. I continued kissing my girlfriend as my roommate f***** her and came inside her. As soon as he pulled out I took his place and quickly came in her loosing my virginity in her loose stretched out wet hole.

  • 21 isn’t teenaged. You become a legal adult at 18.

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