I have to get this off my chest.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years now, and are truly in love. Although he may not treat me or our relationship the greatest at all times, I know he loves me and we are perfect for eachother.
He had been asking me for a threesome with another girl for about a year now, to which my response is absolutely not. A few months ago he started bringing up the threesome again, but this time asking if I would be more comfortable with another man- again my answer is no.
Last weekend my boy went out for a bit and left his computer on. I heard the IM-recieve noise and looked at his screen to find a conversation had popped up. I know I shouldn't have, but I read what whomever it was and my boy were talking about. The conversation included questions like, "So are you bi?" "How about bi-curious?", and the last thing said between the two was from my boyfriend: "Well we're only looking for a bi-sexual male- he's really curious and I want to suprise him with the opportunity."
So my boyfriend is pretending to be me online, and asking men to join us in the bedroom so he can test the waters. I haven't been able to have s** with him since, and he's starting to get suspicious. Do I tell him I spied on him? Do I tell him I'm absolutely freaked out? I'm so lost on this, and feel like such a bad person for checking up on my boyfriend, but if he's gay, I kinda need to know this so we can stop planning our future together... I feel terrible

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  • You need to THROW his nasty ass out!! He does NOT love you!!
    He doesn't treat you right ALL the time? as I said THROW HIM OUT! Find someone who will treat you with respect, not some neanderthal who wants a three some! Do not lower your standards for ANYONE!!!

  • how come its ok for girls to be bi and not guys...i would love for my girl to surprise me with another guy..it would be so hott exploring him with her..people should be more open to new eperiances

  • Maybe your not "perfect" for each other as you thought. I had a girlfriend that was a freak like that and we shared everything. If I would have been 10 years younger and able to give her a baby we would still be together.

  • Just stick to your guns. Him, and him only. You shouldn't have to please him if you don't want to.

  • he's not gay. just a lying a******.

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