Spanked by my mother part 2

Hi I'm Robert Durham this is the 2nd part about being spanked bare bottom over my mother's knee with her hand and her ebony hairbrush

So Last weekend I felt like I needed my bare bottom Spanked by my mother over her knee so I rang her and told her how I felt and she said ok then Young Man you can come over and I will happily deal with your bare bottom over my knee so I immediately left home and headed to my mother's house when I arrived i rang the doorbell and waited for about 5 minutes then after about 5 minutes my mother opened the door and said ok You naughty boy come on in and follow me upstairs to the Spanking room when we reached the Spanking room I noticed that the straight back wooden chair was in the middle of the room and that her ebony hairbrush was on the chair she went straight over to the chair and picked up her ebony hairbrush and sat down and straight away she said ok you naughty boy come over here and stand in front of me so I lecture and scold you about your behaviour while I pull your pants and underpants down so I immediately went and stood in front of her so she could pull my pants and underpants down once she had pulled my pants and underpants down she said come and stand to the side of me and place yourself across my lap so I did that and placed myself across her lap all of a sudden I felt her hand on my bare bottom and the Spanking began she Spanked with her hand for about 35 minutes she then ordered me to pick up her ebony hairbrush and hand it to her so I picked it up off the floor and handed it to her immediately and she began Spanking my bare bottom over and over again when all of a sudden the phone rang and she stopped spanking my bare bottom but she ordered me to remain in position over her lap and she answered the phone and put it on speaker and told a woman on the other end of the phone that I was currently over her knee having my bare bottom Spanked by her and the woman said it's great to hear about a mother who still spanks her son and my mother said in return maybe you could come over and have a turn dealing with him as well and the woman replied give me 1 hour and I will come over and deal with him across my lap with that my mother said righto bye for now and hung up the phone and said right young man where were we oh yes that's right the ebony hairbrush on your bare bottom and she picked up the ebony hairbrush and continued to spank me for the next 35 minutes before ordering me to stand in the corner with my pants and underpants down and my bare bottom on display with my hands on my head and no touching my bare bottom and no talking all of a sudden 25 minutes later the door bell rang and it was the woman that Mom had spoken to on the phone whilst I was over her knee and the woman entered the Spanking room and sat down on the straight back wooden chair and said ok Young Man out of the corner and place yourself across my lap right now so I did as I was told and placed myself across her lap and she began to spank my bare bottom immediately after about 45 minutes she stopped spanking my bare bottom and sent me back to stand in the corner and I heard her and my mother talking about what a naughty boy I was and they both told me that anytime I want another spanking all I have to do is ask

Jun 21, 2021

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  • I know were your coming from because my sister used to spank me everyday after school just so i knew who was in charge she was 17 at the time and much stronger me although i was only 12 when she first put me across her knee and she spanked my bare a*** until so hard so i never dared cross her or else she would get me to drop my trousers and litte boy underpants which always embarrassed me especially as my boy c*** used to rub on her thighs as she spanked me

  • No Comments Yetand no b***** wonder! Pathetic

  • It's true actually it's a true story

  • I doubt that. You keep reworking the same basic F/m fantasy, Robert Durham. After awhile, I'd sooner be watching the Three Stooges.

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