Requesting a Spanking from Leanne

Yesterday afternoon I watched a local mother named Leanne spank her son Ethan over her knee with her ebony hairbrush while I was at their place mowing the lawn for them and after she Spanked her son Leanne said I saw you watching me spank Ethan over my knee and so I asked her if she could spank me the same way and she said are you sure that's what you want Young Man and I replied Yes please Ma'am and she said ok Young Man come inside and go straight upstairs to my Spanking room and stand in the corner with your nose facing the wall and wait for me to come upstairs to spank your bare bottom over my knee with my ebony hairbrush and don't worry Young Man your pants and underpants will be coming down the same way as my son Ethan and when I got upstairs to the Spanking room her son Ethan was standing in the corner with his bare bottom on display with his hands on his head and no rubbing or touching his bare bottom and I had to stand in a separate corner five minutes later his mother Leanne came into the room and sat down on the straight back wooden chair in the middle of the room with her ebony hairbrush in her hand and she put it in her lap and she said ok Young Man come over here and stand in front of me right now and let's get your pants and underpants down to expose your bare bottom then we will get you into position over my knee and begin your Spanking with my ebony hairbrush alternating between your buttocks and your thighs until your bare bottom is bright red and very sore Young Man

Sep 4, 2021

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  • This is written by a r***** guy.

  • Seeing a geriatric white pummelled like a punching bag, until his left orbital ridge fills with blood: whites get done right.

  • In 2021? Really? No one spanking a kid is going to let anyone see them.
    We always had to be very careful. Hand spanks so as not to bruise during term and a reckoning with the cane at the start of the school holidays so there was time for the marks to disapear.


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