Spanked by my mother

Hello I'm Robert Durham I'm a very very naughty boy I'm 24 years old turning 25 years old later this year and I recently asked my mother if she could return to spanking my bare bottom over her knee with her ebony hairbrush like she used to when I was a kid and she immediately asked me why do you want me to spank your bare bottom over my knee young man it's been a long time since I last Spanked you and I replied because I feel like I need it Mom so she replied ok Young Man if you feel like you need it then I'm happy to put your bare bottom over my knee and spank it with my ebony hairbrush she said let's go into the spanking room so I immediately followed her into the spanking room where of course the straight backed chair was still in the middle of the room with the hairbrush on it my mother immediately went to the chair picked up the ebony hairbrush and sat down she then immediately ordered me to come and stand in front of her so she could pull my pants and underpants down before telling me to stand on her right side and get across her knee and as soon as I went across her knee she immediately swung into action with her ebony hairbrush she Spanked me until I begged her to stop I even tried to put my hand back to try and cover my bottom but my mother held my hand out of the way and continued to spank my bare bottom with the ebony hairbrush until an hour later when she let me up and led me out of the spanking room down the hallway to the bathroom to wash my mouth out with soap before leading me back to the spanking room and making me stand in the corner with my bare bottom on display and my hands on my head I wasn't allowed to rub or touch my bare bottom for the next 2 hours or speak while doing corner time because she was fully in charge

Feb 4, 2021

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  • I'm sick of hearing about you and your stupid stories. Please climb to the top of a very tall building and jump off. That would be very nice for the world.

  • I want someone other than my mom doing it.

  • Very hot lucky guy

  • It's a nice fantasy, although spanking you for an hour is a bit much.

  • Good for you. I always wished I had the nerve to ask my mom to spank me again

  • I would happily swap !

  • I m still spanked by my mum and I m 29

  • Well I'm 78 and my mother canes my bare bottom almost every day.

  • That's good

  • Not really it hurts !!

  • It's meant to hurt

  • I m a 29 year old guy surly I shouldn’t be put bare bottom over my mums knee !!

  • Your never too old to be Spanked bare bottom over her knee

  • Great thanks for the support !! I don’t know what’s worse the pain or the embarrassment

  • Is this likely to be an ongoing event? Is she going to spank you again?

  • Yes regularly

  • When I was in jr. high, I had a woman in my town who wanted to spank me. She was a slightly plump woman with dark, curly hair and a big nose. She was in her early 40s and her kids attended Catholic school instead of public school like I did. She and her family lived several blocks away but close enough to bike to. I wasn't friends with her kids but an acquaintance was and we were hanging out near her home at a mutual friend next door playing three on three touch football, my buddy, his friend, and I vs. this woman's two twin 13 year old sons and 14 year old daughter. One of the woman's sons was trying to fight me as we were on opposite teams and I tagged him and he denied it. I'd push him down when he'd charge at me. She ran out her back door, about 30 feet away and started yelling at me. "Get your over here! I want to talk to you! Hey!" I started toward my bike, "Don't you walk away from me! Get your little over here now!"

    Without really thinking, I pulled down my pants and underwear down and mooned her...well, her and everyone who was out there. I remember her daughter's, "Oh, my goodness!", the guy's laughter, and the mom's loud gasp. The mom started out toward me so I got on my bike and took off toward the wooded bike trails at the park across the street. My buddy followed me. She didn't cross the street because she was barefoot but she kept yelling.

    About a month later, I ran into the kid who lived next door to them. He said that the woman kept asking him for my name but said he didn't know it and that she was so mad that she started crying. She said that she was going to try to find out who I was and deal with me. She also said that if she ever saw me around the neighborhood, she was going to yank down my pants and spank my white butt until it was a glowing red. Honestly, I almost rode my bike to her front door out of curiosity about whether or not she meant that.

  • I'd have rushed right over, frankly. At that age I was just unbelievably curious about how different women spanked. My mom had stopped spanking me a few years earlier.

  • You're mentally ill.

  • I started to. A few times, I rode by the house on my bike but no one was home. Once, she was out on the side yard, knelt down gardening her flowers. I almost approached her but got scared. About a week after that, I put on some elastic waistband sweatpants and a T-shirt. I rode over toward that park and could see the house. My plan was to ride over there and ring her doorbell, stating that I wanted to apologize to her. I pictured her grabbing my arm and taking me inside her living room and scolding me for a minute. I was planning on acting timid and reluctant as she told me to lay face-down across her lap. I was going to beg her not to do it as my pants hit my ankles. This all went through my mind but at the end, I thought that she would bring me inside and call the cops or my mother.

  • Really?

  • That's strange

  • Is it really?

  • Immediately

  • What do you mean?

  • Who's on first.

  • I've got Abbott & Costello on DVD. I like their encounters with Mike the Cop who happens to live in the same apartment house.

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