Spanked and diaper changed by Clarissa

Hi I'm Robert Durham this is part 1 about having my bare bottom soundly Spanked over the knee of Clarissa followed by a diaper change

We arrived at Clarissa's house and she replied ok Young Man I have been asked to spank your bare bottom over my knee so let's get on with it stand in front of me so I can pull your pants and underpants down and lecture and scold you about your behaviour before I take your bare bottom over my knee so immediately once she had my pants and underpants down she said ok Young Man get over my knee immediately and so I immediately went over her knee and she picked up her ebony hairbrush and began to spank my bare bottom soundly for the next hour before ordering me to get up and go and stand in the corner with my bare bottom on display with my hands on my head and no rubbing or touching my bare bottom and no talking after the Spanking and corner time was completed she said ok Young Man I would like to introduce you to my diaper changing table and I asked can you diaper change me and she said yes of course I can Young Man but it's a very lengthy process and I replied that's fine with me so I immediately climbed up and laid down on my back and immediately Clarissa washed her hands and put some white latex gloves on and lifted my bottom and legs up in the air and pulled my pants and underpants off and opened up her container of baby wipes and got some wipes out and started to clean up my bottom then she opened up a packet of baby diapers and proceeded to put a baby diaper on me and she then placed my tracksuit pants over my diaper and said all done Young Man and asked her if she does it to josh all the time and she replied yes of course I do Young Man and I replied can you also do it for me regularly as well please and she replied yes of course I can Young Man that's if it's ok with your mother and I replied I couldn't see why it wouldn't be and she said well we will find out tomorrow morning when I drop you off to your mother and pick up my son josh and I said that's great thanks Clarissa and she replied you are to address me as Ma'am or mommy is that understood Young Man and I replied Yes Ma'am and she replied good Young Man

Jul 2, 2021

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  • This is pathetic. Did you type it with one hand?

    Punctuation is your friend.

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