Spanked by my mother part 4

Hi I'm Robert Durham this is part 4 about my mother Spanking my bare bottom over her knee

Yesterday afternoon I finished work and went straight to my mother's house and arrived without telling her she opened the door and realised that I was standing there and she asked why are you here Young Man and I replied because I feel like I need my bare bottom soundly Spanked over your knee please Ma'am and she replied well let's get on with it you better come upstairs to the Spanking room with me and on the way upstairs I asked her if she could avoid using a warm up hand spanking and start the Spanking with her ebony hairbrush straight away she replied well of course I can Young Man but I will need to take your pants and underpants down first and I replied Yes Ma'am I know that and she replied good let's get your pants and underpants down and get your bare bottom over my knee so I allowed her to sit down on the Spanking chair and pull my pants and underpants down before guiding my bare bottom over her knee and as soon as I was over her knee she picked up her ebony hairbrush and she immediately began to spank my bare bottom I started to reach my hand down to protect my bare bottom but my mother held my hand out of the way and continued to spank my bare bottom soundly for the next hour before letting me up but she immediately ordered me to stand in the corner with my bare bottom on display with my hands on my head and no rubbing or touching my bare bottom and no talking after 5 minutes of bare bottom corner time our front door bell rang and it was a young single mother from next door named Clarissa and she had her son josh with her and she said to my mother you told me to bring Josh here today for you to spank his Bare bottom soundly over your knee and my mother replied well actually Clarissa I currently have my own son Robert standing in the corner with his bare bottom on display after I dealt with him and Clarissa said really well I was wondering if I could leave my son josh here for you to deal with his bare bottom over your knee as well Narelle and my mother replied Yes of course you can Clarissa and my mother said bye Clarissa and bought Josh upstairs to the Spanking room where I was standing in the corner with my bare bottom already on display and my mother took josh over her knee and Spanked his bare bottom soundly before also placing his bare bottom in the corner on display as well an hour later Clarissa came back to pick up josh and my mother asked Clarissa if she could do a huge favour for her and Clarissa replied that depends Narelle and my mother asked Clarissa if she was any good at Spanking or diaper changing and Clarissa said I can do both Narelle why do you ask and my mother replied because I want you to do both for my son Robert while I look after your son josh for you and Clarissa replied no problem Narelle and my mother said ok Young Man out of the corner and go with Clarissa to her house her son josh is going to stay here with me for a few hours while you go with his mother Clarissa and I replied no problem with that and my mother said good off you go Young Man and Clarissa said we will see you and Josh tomorrow morning Narelle and my mother replied righto bye

Jul 2

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  • And if you are a kid it is still considered libel and your parents will pay out of pocket you dirty little narcissist.

  • Btw if you are slandering someone by that name you can be sued and they can get all your money I hope he does.

  • Get a life, creep.

  • You can see he's taken over this forum with the same lame F/m fantasy. What a pathetic sicko. Him and his beloved ebony hairbrush. God help us!

  • Did your boy friend watch and did have an o*****

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