I grinded a friend while she was asleep

We have had sleep overs before and i started developing a want to do this. Sh had a pretty decent sized ass and she had average sized b******. We slept in the same room so it was always tempting. Once i saw she had pajamas on and i noticed her ass was big, so i hesitated a bit but eventually layed my hand on her big ass. I eventually squeezed a bit and it felt like it was infinite.

That was the first time i decided to do anything but the second time i had already had a plan before we even slept over. I had a plan and when it was night, but I couldn't do it because she stayed awake for way too long and i went to sleep. I woke up early in the morning luckily so I went behind her let my hard bone touch her ass while she was laying on her side sleeping. She had some jeans on and i could see hr p**** through her jeans so i put my finger up and rubbed against it but i stopped because that wasn't really my plan. I eventually got as close as i could get and i had my hands all over her waist until i shot a load. i retracted back for a second and grabbed her ass.

She woke later woke up but i still grinded her and seemed as if she allowed it.

Jul 11

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