A friend said I dress to ‘turn men on’

I was at the park walking with my friend Hillary and we bumped into one of my husband’s friends out jogging. Mike’s former military and has been working for a private contractor in the middle east for 2 years.

We hugged. He looked me up and down and said, “You look amazing! WOW! You’re so fit.” He was shirtless and ripped! So, I naturally complimented him and we hugged.

I invited him to our cook out Saturday. He smiled and said Steve already invited him but he wanted to surprise me by ‘showing up.’ LOL We chatted for a few minutes and parted ways.

In a furious tone Hillary said, “You dress to turn men on.” I said, “What?” She repeated and added, “Why did you ‘spin around’ for him AND I can’t believe you let him squeeze your butt. You’re such a s***!” WOW! I was in shock. She said some other mean things that I will not post because I would never say those things to anyone! We are not talking. She actually ‘unfriended’ me but I don’t care.

Here’s a little more information.
I’m 42 years old, blue eyes, 5’ 1”, 32A, 105lb & brunette with shoulder length hair. I was born and raised in a small town north of Myrtle Beach, SC. When reading this, please don’t think I’m ‘struck on myself’. I was always the scrawny girl that can’t gain weight. I don’t think I’m very attractive plus I’m a 42 years old woman.
I’m a paralegal and prefer to stay fit. First of all, I grew up near the beach. Second, I’m at the courthouse often and I have to wear professional suits all the time. Normally, I would have been out running but Hillary does not like to exercise.
About Hillary:
She’s originally from CT, pear shaped, bob hair cut and wears men’s Bermuda shorts with leather Birkenstock sandals. She moved to SC her senior year in HS and she’s the only person I still communicate from HS.
She claims to be Baptist but has always insulted everything I wear. She says my cloths are too tight. I can’t help I can wear xsmall. One time cloth shopping she told the clerk I ‘should’ be wearing a size medium but I refuse to grow up!

I volunteer two nights a week at my Parrish teaching work-out classes to elderly. My entire family attends mass regularly with me. I’m not perfect but I’ve never said anything ill to her to deserve that.

The day of the incident, I was wearing active wear capri pants with a sports bra. I know I could have worn a loose shirt over my outfit but it was hot. I seen other people wearing similar outfits.

Hillary swears Mike grabbed my butt when we hugged. To be honest, he may have. I can’t remember. My husband does it all the time and I never notice anymore. Also, when his friends are at the house they’ll pat my butt after I bring a snack or drink. I don’t mind! During college I worked at a sports bar and due to the nature of my current job, I’m around guys all day. I don’t mind a little ‘guy humor.”

Sorry this is long. I don’t want to sound cold but I’m glad Hillary and I are not speaking. I was reading online about how to handle this and found this anonymous site too vent. 
I’m I overreacting?

Jul 11, 2021

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  • In 2008, our husbands came back from deployment. We went pick them up at the Naval base. She asked if I'd go out to the movies after we pick them up. OMG! My husband had been gone 6 months! NO WAY!
    Actually, my parents agreed to keep our 4 year old daughter that night after we picked up my husband!! I had to explain to her what was goin to happen that night!!

    I invited Hillary to the spa the morning of the event with my daughter. She said "What for?" She then told me her husband can 'see her for how she REALLY is and not looking like some 'made up' w****!"

    My daughter and I went to the spa for hair and matching nails. We also wore our matching Easter dresses.
    Hillary said we both looked like fools going to a Naval Base looking that that in the middle of the week. She wore a baggy t-shirt and long denim shorts. No makeup and no effort either.

    I ran and jumped up on my husband, LIKE ALL THE OTHER WIVES!!! and my daughter hugged him too!
    I noticed Hillary standing while her husband walked out to the car.

    It's been 3 weeks and I'm living stress free not hearing from her.
    My husband says I shouldn't worry about anything.He says I did nothing wrong and let the friendship die. I still feel like a bad person.

  • Get the marine to eat her out while he bangs you, he has to be on his back while she squats on his face and you ride his rod. She will like this

  • HA! Very funny!
    I'm not 'bangin' Mike! I'm happily MARRIED!
    However, this is anonymous, if I was single I would!
    I'm make sure he was smiling when we finished! Mike is HOT!

    Mike wouldn't touch Hillary!!
    He's aware she's married but also made comments questioning her sexuality. He's said many times 'she's disgusting and a b****.'

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