My mother Narelle becomes a child care centre manager part 3

So this afternoon I arrived at the child care centre to wait for my regular afternoon diaper change and a female staff member named Amanda came up and said good afternoon Robbie my name is Amanda and I have been rostered to change your diaper this afternoon and I replied that's great and she replied that means you will need to come through to the diaper changing facilities with me and she replied when we get in there i will need you to climb up onto the diaper changing table and lay down on your back for me and she said while you do that I will wash my hands and put some gloves on my hands and I will get the baby wipes and diapers and baby powder out ready to use during your diaper change and she said once you are ready I will lift your bottom and legs up into the air and I will take your pants and underpants off and clean up your bottom with some baby wipes and put some nice baby powder on your bottom before I put a baby diaper on you and so I immediately climbed up onto the diaper changing table and laid down on my back and she then approached the changing table and lifted my bottom and legs up and took off my pants and underpants once she had done that she opened up her baby wipes container and took out some wipes and began to clean up my bottom once my bottom was nice and clean she got the baby powder and put some on my bottom and then she said ok it's time to put a nice fresh diaper on you and then I will put your tracksuit pants back over the top of your diaper and she got started right away and started to fasten the diaper on me and just as she did Olivia bought another young child into the changing facilities for a diaper change and noticed that Amanda was in the middle of changing my diaper but Olivia put the other child on the empty diaper changing table next to the one that i was laying on and she asked me if I was enjoying having my bottom diapered by Amanda and I said yes of course I am I then said to Olivia that I had noticed how busy the ladies were and Olivia replied Yes myself and Amanda have been in here for most of the day changing children's diapers and she immediately started changing the child that she bought in when Amanda said ok Robbie you are all done let's leave Olivia to change the other young child and just as I left the diaper changing room Olivia said I notice that tomorrow your mother Narelle will be on diaper changing facility duty for the entire day and Olivia said that means you will possibly be having your diaper changed by your mother Narelle which will be good for you and I replied Yes Olivia it will be great and Olivia replied well it's definitely a mother's responsibility to change her son's diaper so she will be doing your diaper change tomorrow afternoon and I asked Olivia when are you rostered to change my diaper again and Olivia replied Friday afternoon and Saturday morning I will be changing your diaper I will see you then and I replied I will look forward to it and she replied so will I Robbie

Jul 13, 2021

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