I Quit my fraternity

Everybody talks about how great their Greek experience is. I was honestly so excited when I got the bid.

A year later, I quit. I was picked on and treated like s*** by quite a few brothers, 2 in particular. I’m short (5’4”) so i usually attract the douchebags. The worst offender was elected to “character development chairman.” What a freaking joke. I should have quit right then and there, but I think I was just so desperate to be liked by these guys that I stuck with it. I mean, they’re not all bad, right?

F*** that.

I stuck around for another month until I FINALLY realized how much these guys sucked.

What I’m most upset about is not standing up for myself. Instead of speaking my mind, I chickened out and fell on my sword… again and again and again. A year later, this still bugs me and I’m still mad at myself for not at least saying something.

Jul 13, 2021

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