I am a Stupid white girl

I am only 18 and I have ruined my life. I graduated high school several months early due to all the virus crap. My parents encouraged me to get a part time job and get ready to start college. But I didn't...
Instead I started smoking weed, a lot of weed. I would hang out all day at the house of a drug dealer named Henry. We would smoke and play video games all day. Henry is black and a giant of a guy. At least compared to me. He is like 6 foot 2 and 250#. I am a little white girl, 5 foot flat and 90#. I could tell he really liked me and a week into hanging out we had s**. It wasn't easy. Henry's d*** matched his body! It was 10 inches and as bigger than my wrist. It hurt so bad, it felt like his d*** was in my stomach.
Here is where things went off the rails. I broke up with my boyfriend (yes he is white). I thought Henry was kind of my boyfriend now. Anyway he blabbed to my parents about where I was hanging out and especially about Henry. They demanded I stop and stay away from Henry. I refused and they cut me off and kicked me out. So I moved in with Henry.
Henry liked having a pretty little white girl around and he definitely took advantage of it. He treated me like a w****. He rarely let me wear clothes and he f***** me 3 or 4 times a day. He didn't care how small I was and how much his d*** hurt. He would pound me hard and he seemed to get off on it. I finally got used to it and at the end I could take his d*** without a problem.
Well I guess Henry got tired of me after that. He started letting another girl hang around and eventually he had s** with her. He told me I would have to find a another place to live. I was so stupid.
I am staying with a friend right now. Last week I begged my old boyfriend to take me back. We talked and met up. Things were going well for a few day until we had s**. After f****** me for a few minutes he quit and became angry. He yelled at me, called me names and told me my p**** was all stretched out now. He hasn't spoken to me since.
I don't know what to do or where to go from here???

Jul 22, 2021

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  • Lol, fake post written by white racist dude.

  • Lol, good luck and enjoy living on food stamps

  • After having 3 kids and now divorced, I am finding that I like black men with big d*cks; they fill my stretched p ussy very nice. Think about finding more black men.

  • Yeah right you pathetic psyco

  • Never give up on yourself!! God will never give up on you. Lots of folks have learned about the beauty of God's love and Mercy by falling and then discovering Him.

  • Why do you weirdos make up these lame stories?

  • Get some rubber bands and tighten up yur p*****

  • You get what you deserve. 75%of blacks are raised by a single.mother cause most of the brothers only care about s**, ball and turning up. You were his c** dumpster.

  • Apologize to your parents and start over once again

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