Keep that narcotic son away from me!

There narcotic son had stated he want’s to f*** me up like the little B**** he think’s I am.

I was upstairs on the second floor of the house resting. door's don't bust themselves open there narrcotic son has & aggressive demeanor. there narcotic son bangs on the outside of my drywall in the house this has been going on for three day's. he's in his thirtys.i never used narrcotics,i never stuck needles in my arm's never cut myself. there narcotic son uses threat's to get what he want's. i submitted six messages to the DOJ to have him stay 50 ft away.restraining order,no contact orders. i even submitted a message to there sister in law & had stated you think he wouldn't do that have you looked at his built? he had said he would do more damage to me.

Jul 25

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  • Aaaaaaah f*** you. i spread my a****** for this? ram your c*** in my a******! peeeeeeeku!

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