I think I am in trouble...

Our close neighbors are swingers. We have known for quite some time and they are very open about their sexual experiences. Ever since we found out I (husband) have brought up the idea of trying it ourselves. My wife would joke about it but never seriously considered it. Until last week!
It started off with me suggesting we could start off with maybe a 3sum and see how we like it. Well to my surprise she started quizzing me about what "exactly" I wanted to do. I have always had a huge fantasy of seeing my wife f***** by another guy so I suggested a MMF 3sum. She flat out shocked me when she said "OK" and added that she already had the perfect guy in mind. Turns out it is a guy our neighbors have played with. Apparently the girls had done some talking and our neighbor described him as "amazing in bed"!
My wife took the initiative and invited the guy to our house last Saturday evening. We had really only set one ground rule, condoms are a must as wife is not on birth control.
Saturday evening the doorbell rang and when I answered the door I got an even bigger surprise. In walked a very tall, fit, young black guy! We are in our early 40's and he may have been 25. I couldn't believe I was about to see my wife get f***** by a black guy!
After a little small talk we moved to the bedroom. We determined he was not camera shy so I intended to document the evening. I watched as they began making out and slowly undressing. I could see my wife was in major l***! When he fully undressed i could see why our neighbor recommended him. Besides being good looking and very fit his d*** was huge! After some foreplay he finally put on a condom and started working that monster into her p****. For the next 30 minutes I nearly broke the camera as he pounded my wife in every position possible. I had also stripped down and my much smaller c*** was rock hard watching the show. Finally they moved back into the original missionary position they started in. He was stroking himself as he said "I hate these things I can never get off". Then my wife again shocked me. She reached up, pulled the condom off and threw it on the floor beside me. He didn't give her a chance to change her mind as he shoved his c*** back inside her. She was making noises I had never heard before as he f***** like he was trying to ruin her p****. I couldn't help it, I grabbed my c*** and started pulling on it like I was a teenager again. It only took a minute and I made a mess all over the floor. He f***** her for at least another 30 minutes. All the time she screamed "harder, harder". She loudly announced at least 3 o*****'s. Finally he grabbed he ankles and pushed them way back as he shoved his c*** in fully, held it there and grunted loudly. My wife pulled him in close for a kiss as he stayed inside her to unload every drop. When he finally pulled out and rolled off her it looked like a river of c** running out of her gaping p****!
After he dressed and left my wife didn't even shower. She ran to the phone and called the neighbor. They talked for an hour. Since then my wife constantly talks about getting together with him again and how she can't wait.
I definitely started something...

Jul 29, 2021

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  • Our neighbor guy Named Alan is older, around 60 or so, and he lost his wife a year ago. We were talking, he told me he missed the s**, he and his wife were swingers and the club they went to only allowed couples.
    I always had this crazy fantasy of watching my own wife but never acted on it, although she knew and put up with it, playing along during our own love making.
    I mentioned it to her, and suggested maybe she might know some women to introduce. Then I wisecracked that maybe she could go to one of the clubs with him.
    That struck some nerve, she acted more fussed up than normal, and had several crazy o******.
    So I told her why not, she didn't have to do anything and it would help him get laid.
    The surprise was she started asking all sorts of questions, then finally said she would do it, but she would not join in.
    So, off they went, me at home, no idea what was happening. She got home around one AM. It turned out she not only did not refuse to join in, but she got it from two of them there and Alan at his place before coming home.
    That was so hot, now she and I go and I get to watch her in action, the one strange thing is she never gives anyone a second round not even Alan. So far she has had s** with others about a dozen times.

  • Did she get pregnant? Will you be raising a black baby?

  • I posted this confession. We will know within a week if she is pregnant (that time of the month). Wife has been with him 2 more times in the past 2 weeks and each time he did not wear a condom. Each time she begged for his load inside her.

  • What's with the *?

  • I am a "white" husband. And yes we have tried swinging. To the person who said no husband would want to see his wife f*** another guy. You are wrong. I love it! And again yes, she has been with both black and white males with large equipment.

  • Who cares what race you are? Why do you feel the need to tell the world?

  • Why is it that many of these stories, true are not, seem to revolve around a black guy with a big d***. Aren't tere any white guys with big ones and besides if you make sure you please the lady, ie, make sure she has many o******, foes it have to be with a big Pecker. If you do foreplay correctly and GET her off once or twice with your fingers or tongue then size should not matter, or does it. Just wondering! Like to here your comments!

  • It's because women are into b*********

  • I had the opposite, I met this guy about my age, he stopped in my repair shop for some work on his car.
    We were getting along, so he invited me over for dinner, that sounded good so I went.
    He was white, but his wife was jet black, I mean really black. As the evening went on, it became clear they wanted to party, and she was so pretty I went along with it.
    So, I ended up f****** a white guy's black wife while he watched, it was pretty cool. Just that time and once again a week later, then they move, no idea where.
    Darn it.

  • If it's not fantasy it's really 🔥 hot.

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