My mother the school principal

Yesterday morning my mother began a new job as the school principal at the local school and straight away she said to all female staff members that they either spank naughty boys over their knees or send them to her office to be dealt with and about an hour after that instruction i was back chatting my female class teacher Mrs Whitecross and she said ok Young Man you go to the principal's office right now she can deal with your bare bottom over her knee or over her desk and I tried to argue with Mrs Whitecross but she said I won't tell you again Young Man just go right now and so I immediately did as I was told and made my way to the principal's office the problem was that my mother is now the school principal and so after about five minutes of listening very I could hear another naughty boy in her office and the sound of the strap on his bare bottom all of a sudden I heard her say to him ok Young Man get over there in the corner with your hands on your head and no rubbing or touching your bare bottom and no talking as I have other students to deal with and a couple of minutes later she opened the door of her office and saw me sitting there with the note from my teacher Mrs Whitecross in my hand and she said ok Young Man let me read that and with that I handed her the note from Mrs Whitecross and she said ok Young Man you better come into my office and close the door behind you and so I immediately did as I was told and went into her office and closed the door behind me and she said ok Young Man you might be my son but right now you are a naughty boy who has been sent to my office for some old fashioned bare bottom discipline and that's exactly what you are going to get and she said ok Young Man the first thing I want you to do is take your school shorts off and fold them nicely and place them on the chair over there and then I would like you to take your red underpants off and fold them and place them with your schoolboy shorts then I would like you to come over here and place yourself across my knee Young Man and so I immediately did as I was told and placed myself over her knee and she picked up her ebony hairbrush and began to spank my bare bottom over and over again alternating between my buttocks and my thighs for at least the next hour before she finally let me up and she said ok Young Man no corner time just yet but I would like you to bend over my desk while I deliver a dose of the school strap and then a dose of the cane to your bare bottom before you begin corner time Young Man and just as she let me up to begin the second part of my punishment the female office lady named Mary knocked on the office door and my mother as the principal said ok who is it and Mary said it's just me Narelle and my mother said I'm busy right now with my son Robert having his bare bottom disciplined due to bad behaviour towards his class teacher Mrs Whitecross and Mary said geeze that's the 3rd student in 2 days from Mrs Whitecross class and my mother said as school principal I just discipline any students who are sent to my office you know that Mary and Mary said yes I know that Narelle you have about another 7 or 8 students waiting to be dealt with and my mother said well they can keep waiting I'm busy and with that my mother the school principal said ok Young Man bend over my desk now please and with that I bent over her desk and she immediately picked up the school strap from her desk and stepped round behind me and she immediately began to use the strap on my bare bottom for the next half an hour before she put the strap back on her desk and picked up the school cane and had a couple of practice swings through the air with the cane and she said ok Young Man this is going to leave red stripes on your bare bottom and also leave your bare bottom nice and bright red and very sore and then you will serve some corner time before I can let Mrs Whitecross know that you have been dealt with properly and so after 200 strokes of the cane on my bare bottom she said ok Young Man it's time for your corner time punishment to begin so I immediately went and stood in the corner with my bare bottom on display and with that she opened the door of her office to find at least 10 naughty boys waiting for her to deal with their misbehavior on their bare bottoms in her office where I was currently standing in the corner and she said ok James you can already see my son Robert standing in the corner I have used my hairbrush and the strap and the cane on his bare bottom over my knee and over my desk but I'm going to make you do what I forced him to do and take your school shorts off and fold them neatly and place them next to his on the chair over there and then I would like you to take your underpants off and place them neatly on top of your shorts next to his over there on the chair and bend over my desk Young Man and we will get started with your bare bottom punishment and don't worry Young Man you will be leaving this office with a very sore bare bottom when I'm finished dealing with your bare bottom Young Man

Aug 3, 2021

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  • It is a felony in all states if school personnel strike or spank any child in schools. Are you that dumb or high to make that stupid fake story up?

  • It's not a fake story

  • Yes it is. Every time a school person strikes a student (who probably needed it) they get arrested and lost their job. If they expose a students bare bottom that is a much bigger mess. Now they get arrested for sexual battery as well. Thats prison time for sure. Your story is as fake as it gets.

  • It's not fake

  • Not fake...ha get real. At least an hour over your mums lap, followed by a half hour strapping then 200 strokes of the cane. You are delusional.

  • Name the school n*******. It is fake. stop using drugs.

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