I hate my teenage step daughter

This girl is completely self centered, she is rude and mean all the time. She claims we are not supportive enough because we don’t cater to her every need, she holds a huge grudge because she had to ride her bike to sports practice. My husband (her bio dad) has given up and her mom abandoned her because of her terrible disposition. She is 100% a narcissist and blames her lying and rule breaking all on us, taking no responsibility. She has never followed the rules and expects us to respond by giving in to her. If we confront her she gets hyper combative and tells us how to parent her. I compliment and support her, go to her games and competitions and cheer, but all she can say on parent appreciation day is thanks for buying cereal. My family dislikes me and my husband because they think we are too h****** her, because she portrays an innocent teen around them, so she has destroyed my relationships with my family, they only accept us visiting so they can spend time with the grandkids. She has broken me. She has never responded to consequences or tries to please us, never since she was 2! I usually just want to move out but my younger bio daughter doesn’t deserve any of this. I just cannot take her victim mentality and blaming everyone else for her behavior. I feel like I am living with a hostile alien!!

Aug 4, 2021

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  • Show her who’s boss with your pounding c*** already!

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