This is my peculiar and rare life story

Hi, my name is henrique and I'm 21 years old, this is my life story to this day. Since I was a child I saw a lot of fights in my family sometimes fights that resulted in physical violence, I grew up as a shy child and I never had friends until I was 10~11 years old when I had some friends at school and then I lost them because my mother I changed schools because of my poor grades and so I spent 5 months in a public school where I had friends and finally in January 2012 when I was 11 years old and would be 12 in June of the same year my mother changed me to a private school here in the neighborhood where I live, a neighborhood of rich people and in this school named ''collegio do sol'' I was excluded and teased for being shy and from that moment on I started hitting and kicking cats from my house besides lighting many fires every day and this habit lasted until I was 16 years old, in the year of 2013 in March I started to eat a lot and get fat because of my grandmother who said that eating a lot was healthy and I would make it grow strong and beautiful, at the end of 20 14 I had already gained more than 60 kg and I was even more teased at school because of this ''college of the sun'', in 2015 I moved from school to a public school because of my low grades and I was withdrawn and lonely due to to the fear of being ridiculed as the trauma of bullying I suffered in ''collegio do sol'' and as soon as I turned 17 just 2 weeks after my birthday I had an accident with a homemade bomb that I made because of my interest in chemical experiments and in this accident in which I blew up my left hand I ended up losing half of my left middle finger and it made me feel more sad than I already was due to the way the playboys looked at my injured hand with mockery and pleasure in their eyes, I depressed and turned into an alcoholic, I let my beard and hair grow and I almost never wash them, until one day I threatened to make a terrorist attack in a funk show full of teenage playboys just like the ones who made me. they made me suffer from bullying in childhood and adolescence and because of this threat the police came to my house and arrested me after finding a homemade bomb I made, I got out of jail after 1 years and 2 months of imprisonment in addition to appearing on TV and all over the media in my state due to the large number of police who invaded my house wearing balaclavas, helmets, ballistic vests and armed with rifles, today is Saturday 08/07/2021 and I went to the big box at qi 10 or 11 um supermarket here in my neighborhood lake north brasilia df, I told my mother carolina that I was going to buy sweets and I went there and bought sweets and even drank beer besides having withdrawn 300 reais with my mother's card that had already revealed my password. to withdraw her card in advance a few days ago, so as soon as my mother left the uber to my uncle pablo's house in the fern I took a bus to the Varjão neighborhood and there I bought some powdered cocaine for about 270 reais, but the boy who sought the powder for me told me that the powder dolinha cost 70 reais because it was pure and Peruvian, I didn't really believe it and I felt sad and cheated, but the worst thing was feeling betrayed by the guy who exchanged ideas with me for 30 minutes or more and he said he is my partner, at this moment I feel powerful effects from the cocaine I bought and I feel better because the effect of the drug is strong like the guy my partner told me it would be and I feel less betrayed. I feel happier and more optimistic that I will find a place with kind hearted people who will hug me and respect me as a human being their brother, I have faith that I will find this place soon and I will be very happy. if i have been deceived i believe i deserved it and i want to be a good and good person. now it's 23:37 on 8/7/2021 i'm snorting cocaine, drinking some cleaning alcohol and smoking kent cigarettes, i feel pretty euphoric and realize that the powder i bought is really good as the guy i met said it was , I feel calm in my emotions. today I am dependent on anti-depressant drugs such as ''paroxetine'' which I take 60 mg a day and I am also dependent on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

Aug 7, 2021

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  • You make me feel normal and tame. That is quite the feat wild one.

  • This all happened coz u were shy. While getting teased at school u could've worked out and beat the s*** out of whoever said something to you. But you chose to take it out on cats. What's done is done but alcohol and drugs won't solve anything. Clean up, workout and find something you passionate about

  • What you said is correct, but nowadays after 10 years of this fact that I narrated my life I have changed a lot, I love and treat cats well and if any human being disrespects me I discharge my hatred on him with anything that hurts or kills .


  • If everything you said is true then please get help. And whatever pain you experienced is punishment for abusing helpless cats.


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