Wetting my knickers

I was on my way home from work on the bus and got stuck in traffic I was already dying for a wee before I got on the bus but an hour later I’m ready to explode I tried to hold it but then I started wetting my knickers and what made it worse I had white leggings on with white flower patter knickers on I was soaked I got off the bus crying because everyone could see I wet my knickers but walking home I also needed to ** now feeling some what turned on by what I did I decided to mess my knickers and boy did I ** I arrived home my boyfriend saw the aftermath and ordered me upstairs to clean myself up he then bought my some diapers now he never lets me out the house without a diaper on

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  • How fake can you get! I was going to say I feel bad for the bus driver and riders who saw that and clean it up. But you pushed the grossness of you story right into the fake story it is. Everybody has at one point ** their pants or had the squids and ** their pants. But no one has been put in diapers because of one accident. There are people that have to wear diapers because of lack of control. But they would give anything not to have to wear one ever again. You love this fetish because you can control when and where. But Karma does happen and when you have to wear one because you can't control it. Then we will see how fun it is. Ps you are not a girl you are the sick ** sing man who loves diapers.

  • Your so wrong

  • There's no nicer feeling than wetting myself in public and having my soaking wet knickers and leggings or jeans stuck to my **. I always wear dark colours so it's not too obvious. My boyfriend loves it too and would never put me in a diaper. We act out a scenario where he pretends to be angry and makes me strip off below the waist when we get home and stand facing the wall with my bare ** on display while it's still damp and cold. I then go over his knee and he smacks my naked ** until it's nice and warm again.

  • A spanking on a wet ** is a lot more painful. You should go over his knee while your ** is still damp.

  • My boyfriend dominates me in every way he diapers me a lot since then but he changes me even when I ** but most of the time I’m not aloud to be fully dressed at home I’m either walking around in my bra and knickers all day or if I’ve been bad he diapers me.

    But some of the other thing he does which I love he brings home other women for me and they dominate me too ** me in front of him one time he even let his best friend ** me he told his friend I’m his slave and I do as I’m told no matter what so his friend started to touch me I said no he then threw me over the sofa and started groping me he then pulled my knickers down I screamed but he was too strong he then rammed his ** inside my ** and was rapping me my boyfriend started masterbating and came all over my face while his friend continued to ** me after I cried all night but now it turns me on and cannot wait to get ** again I was born to be a **.

  • Hi I'm Sue my biggest fantasy is to get gang banged/** getting my clothes ripped off and force ** in front of my husband as he watches me being used and abused getting ** by loads of ** ** filling me full of ** mmm x

  • Taking it up the ** without lube is very painful unless you have a very large ** hole.

  • It did hurt me a lot and yes he ** me dry and I want to be ** again even now just thinking of it is making my knickers wet will you ** me

  • Firstly, I am a woman and secondly, ** is abhorrent. So, no.

  • Before it happened to me I would agree with you but it turns me on now I’m so sorry if I offended you you can punish me if you want.

  • Should I put you over my knee, pull down your wet knickers and spank your bare **? Would you like that?

  • I would love that please spank me

  • It's what you deserve after you apologise for making flippant remarks about **.
    Never funny and never something to fantasise about.
    You can peel off your sodden knickers and get over my knee while your ** is still damp with your pee.
    Stick your bare ** in the air, but first you can put the wet knickers in your mouth to stifle your cries. Don't be mistaken, I'm angry with you and will spank you hard. I'm using the palm of my hand, not an implement because I want to feel your wet bottom with my hand.
    Now I will spank you until my own hand is stinging and your bare bottom is bright red.
    I'm done now. Go stand facing the wall with your sore naked ** on display and think about your shameful behaviour.

  • Can I at least put clean knickers on

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