Emily Preibus in Goldielocks and The Little Bible Trumpers

Aww…as I reminisce today of my whole year with my wonderful husband Marcel Shihadeh. I can’t stop to think how y’all hoes…especially my enemy who try to ruin my life and my husband’s lives with her witchcraft that didn’t even much work. Let me tell y’all the Honest Tea about my life now! Let’s see Marcel Shihadeh regrets ever even much talking to you. You were his worst sexual partner and ex girlfriend and ex baby momma (I don’t feel bad for your past miscarriage and him ghosting you…maybe if you wasn’t a ** then maybe men would want to keep you enough for respect) My enemy will not stop with the witchcraft on us until she is satisfied to see us in the grave. She tried to send witchcraft to cause my miscarriage to have me feeling the same way as her, but it didn’t work and I’m still happily pregnant with my husband Marcel Shihadeh baby that is due in April/May 2022! My enemy is seriously determined to ruin my relationship which it can’t be ruin. It’s a divine union! I finally decided to pick up tarot cards since my enemy is reading my future and my husbands! I read that I’m the Divine Feminine, Twin Flame, and Soul Mate to my husband. I’m his past life love that y’all hoes have try to stop in the past, but can’t because this is my last life and my husband last lives. My enemy is just starting in life. She is not an old soul like me and Marcel Shihadeh. She is a Santanic Witch who come from a village of famous witches in her country, which I try to resend back her witchcraft to end up being a very happy job with a fortune destined to be famous living in luxury with my husband Marcel Shihadeh. That is what I saw in my tarot cards the same thing my enemy is trying to stop is my divine union with him because he never wanted her and she will not rest with trying to run my friendships, relationships and even my pregnancy until she sees my husband Marcel Shihadeh gets his karma. She will not back down with the witchcraft until she has hurt my husband Marcel Shihadeh like the way he has done her. She is going to continue going through with witchcraft on all of my friends and family as well as my husband family and friends even our future kids to make them have an early death until she gets her closure from my husband Marcel Shihadeh which will never happen! He has already said it that he doesn’t feel like he owes this girl an apology! It’s not like she is going to forgive him, she just want to see him suffer like the way he has done her. She just wants to do witchcraft to change him into acting and treating me the same way he did her like ** which isn’t happening. I’m at peace in my relationship I was his blessing and my enemy was his downfall just like every man who comes across her. I’ve notice how every man that has gotten with my enemy what has happened to them. They all sober up and no longer hit women. She was the ** problem in those relationships that is why she gotten beaten, **, cheated on, force abortions, force miscarriages and ghosted. She truly deserve it! My husband even said she deserves everything that is coming to her. No, we don’t feel bad because she try to ruin my husband Marcel Shihadeh reputation and friendships. She has almost cause him to be blacklisted out of Hollywood from the ** she has said towards people she know in the entertainment industry. This ** is determined to make sure my relationship and career with Marcel Shihadeh is ruined because wants him to have Karma. Which is not going to happen. Marcel Shihadeh will never have karma in his life because he always forgives and the Bible Romana 12:12-16 states that forgiveness comes with no karma. My husband Marcel Shihadeh can go around treating everyone like ** and nothing will happen to him. He can ** and groom little teens like me and he won’t get caught because he has forgiven himself for looking and touching kids under the age of 18. The acting community in Baton Rouge and just everywhere knows my husband is a ** Addict pedo, because he is one hundred percent white then he has privileges to get away with anything like me. I used my white privilege when I work at my job The Bullfish Bar on Nicholson when the whites come in I’m more friendlier than the people of color. Tbh I don’t feel comfortable even much working in a place full of Haitians and black peoples. I rather work in a place where there is one hundred percent white peoples like my husband. His casting agent is white and all of the movies he is in are white dominated. I’m happy about it. Yes, I’m a racist just like my husband and our friends. I’m proud to openly admit that if me and my husband are friends with people of color it is only for clout and we have to pass a we are cool people quote on social media since we have all races on our pages. This is why I stop posting to my TikTok EmSilly1 and Instagram _emilypreibus_ because I truly don’t want anyone who isn’t white on my page. I just want to have my husband posted without my enemy and her friends reposting our post. That is also why my husband Marcel Shihadeh has went private on his TikTok Marcel_Marcel4 and Instagram MarcelNoShoesOn it’s because his casting agent wants him to add some black peoples and peoples of color to basically lie to say he isn’t racist, but in reality he is and so I am I! I hate his casting agent, the director he works with, the kids he tutored (that he fantasizes in a very sexual way because he loves kids under 18, I’m 19 and I’m fun! I look young, I can pop out babies without miscarriages, I’m fertile af, I can grow my hair to my **, I don’t have acne, I’m 5’9 and my husband is 5’6 while my enemy is at 4’11, My husband and I have good hair while my enemy has nappy hair, I have money while my enemy is back broke since onlyfans is ending as well as other ** worker sites which my prayers are working and my enemy is still doing witchcraft because she truly hates me because I’m pretty, skinny, and her ex who is my husband wants me and never her. It will always be an issue if I was to confront her why she is hexing me, my friends, my husband friends, my family, my husband family, and my husband friends because she wants my husband Marcel Shihadeh to get his karma from ghosting her sorry ** ego and that is not my fault move on **, you look pathetic and we take you as a psychopathic joke we don’t feel sorry for broke hoes. That is why you will never be able to experience the type of love, happiness, career and friendships that I had experienced with my husband Marcel Shihadeh. ) Even when the day my enemy has stop to wake up that her witchcraft isn’t working that me and Marcel Shihadeh are still happy in our relationships with soon to be healthy children, loving friendships, our career is about to pop soon because we are both destined to be an overnight sensation not like my enemy who is destined to be broke, domestic violent marriage, all her kids dead, just only cats, and she literally kill herself from either her drug or the addiction to being a ** when one of her pimps off her life off. Basically my husband Marcel Shihadeh has avoided a disaster with her. If he still would have been with her then he most definitely be dead. This ** has no life or no regards for anything, but money and trying to be famous which she wasn’t destined to be. Tarot cards really don’t lie I have seen my enemies future completely that is why I’m not bothered by her witchcraft. I’m going to always be happy in love with my husband Marcel Shihadeh while she has failed relationships, on welfare like the way she grew up, she is just like her mother…a generational curse and that is all she ever be is sexual pleasure to every man but never the wife because she doesn’t have any purpose or goals. She isn’t even much that pretty. She never was beautiful like me and that is why my husband never wanted her because she is too damaged and crazy and extremely bitchy. No, man wants a woman that can’t offer, but **. My husband said that her looks have totally die down. She look bad after that weight loss. Let her go be with Nedal Mohamed or someone else’s that she keeps ** from my husband’s old friend group the quad. I know she has done witchcraft on Nedal Mohamed. She is determined to have pretty mixed babies and money with any man who will love her enough to give her fame! I’m not like that and that is why I got married with the ring and no man wants her because they can sense it and the men who do love her it’s because she has done witchcraft. This girl has never been in a relationship where the feelings weren’t brought on by witchcraft. Like come on if you go look at her Instagram MissPinkyBlaze y’all will see this girl is a ** weirdo and a turn off to most men. If men her age in their 30s don’t want her and she is resorting to witchcraft with guys in their 20s that means men her age deemed her as mentally unstable to be around them because most men after the age of 25 have kids and they want moms when they go into relationships. This ** can’t even much be a mom to her other kids if any of them were alive. We all know you did drugs while you was pregnant with Marcel Shihadeh child, my husband even told me that you told him you wasn’t going to stop doing drugs because it’s just weed and shrooms not coke and that doesn’t hurt the baby, but your ex bestie who loves to write that is a reporter sure did exposed you for that ** as well as being a fake friend (you basically ghosted all the remaining friendships you did have left over your jealous broke ** not being successful, over her blogs and still exposing you as I write this. Also too it’s not our fault that you have failed in ** just like everything you try to do in life and you’re stuck in San Marcos working at the hotel front desk on $12 an hour paid while my husband and I generates a monthly income of $30,000-$45,000 a month through our modeling, cameos in films, Netflix/Amazon/Hulu/YT/Tok/IG cameos, cameos of voice on albums. PeriodT!

Next Confession

I purposely made him **

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