Sleeping with aunt

Im a 25 year old male i chose to be celibate the last two years. However recently i broke that trend by sleeping with my uncles wife. I recently saw her at a family wedding and was instantly attracted to her. Shes known me as a child and always said if i was younger i wouldve dated you. I decided to bring this upto her when we had a conversation alone for a laugh however i took her number and things started to flow. Shes 37 and been married for 15 years however the sexual aspect of her marriage is dead. Weve been f****** for a month now twice a week, we’ve both developed feelings for one another and she’s thinking of divorcing my uncle and moving to my city so we could date in private and spend more time together. However i dont know if my feelings are that string or if its just the s**. What should i do?

Sep 21, 2021

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  • You should stop writing fantasy stories on this blog, you stupid f***.

  • You should stop molesting children.

  • I'm sorry to say this but please don't do that to her, don't let her think there will be a brand new future with pure love if she gives up her old life and moves to your city. Best just to keep this a secret for good and after a few months, you'll find your love towards each other fades. Trust me. Please don't ruin your lives.

  • In college in California I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle, the Uncle was my Mom's brother, he was a California Highway patrolman.
    By the end of the first week I realized they were way different from my family, for one thing, they thought nothing of being naked in front of me when heading in for a bath, etc.
    My Aunt wore baggy tops with no bra, huge armholes so her b**** were on display most of the time.
    Two weeks in, my Uncle asked me about my s** life, h***, I was barely 19 and didn't have one.
    So, he told me to go see my Aunt, she would take care of me until I found something.
    So, about twice a week for the entire semester my Aunt and I got it on, great fun and she was in real nice shape for being almost 40.
    But then I found out the truth, when I woke up and my Uncle was sucking my c***. I didn't know what to say or do so I just let him. He tried to get me to suck his but I refused. Then he began coming in while my Aunt and I were having s**, so he could watch and j*******.
    The next semester I got my own room in the dorm and that ended that.

  • Watch some Popeye cartoons

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