Want to expose myself

I want to go online/webcam and m********* to a bunch of laughing girls (or just a single girl) in a humiliating way. Like making ahegao faces, squeal and moan like a girl and say stuff like "I'm still a complete virgin at 32" and "I want to know what it's like to be inside a girl" and even rolling back so my p**** is over my face so I can eat myself when I c**. All while they record all of it and then upload it everywhere online.

The thought of having workmates, friends and family gets me so turned on, even the younger members of my family that are on tiktok and the like seeing me wanking while knowing I'm still a virgin and see me eating my own c** would be amazing. It would destroy my reputation and my life, but I don't care. I just want that single moment of orgasmic bliss before the shame and humiliation sets in.

Sep 21

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  • Aren't you concerned you might traumatize them?

  • Traumatize who? Women... They've seen a p**** before.

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