Do the correct thing .

America did exactly the correct thing by deporting those Haitian migrants . Another thing , those Border Officers on horseback deserve medals .

Next Confession

Strange and Crazy!

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  • Agreed on all counts. But also the administration has had to admit that 12,000 of the "ILLEGAL ALIENS" from Haiti were brought into the United States and released without medical exams or supervision. This is f****** insanity!

  • Lmao Trump lost

  • LMAO Biden/Harris we’re supported by rapists, pedophiles, convicts, heroin addicts, incels, and mental ill zombies.

  • And now so did you. Not telling you how to vote as that’s your right as an American but just ponder this for a second. Gas is a dollar more a gallon, food prices have gone up, the freebies and giveaways over the last year cost so much that your grandchildren will be on the hook for it. American kids are getting more lazy and complacent. The immigrants coming in will have trials and tribulations like most groups new to this country but their grandchildren will be doctors and lawyers while the lazy American kids just become their patients and clients. People like me who know how to work hard, pay on time, not owe insane amounts of money and live within our means will be fine. In the long run many will face financial ruin or at best personal economic mediocrity.
    Also ponder this; at the beginning of the pandemic it was announced that research for a vaccine was underway. Immediately there was outcry from the left that the economically disadvantaged and people of color would not get tested or receive the vaccine due to race, creed, color, orientation, economic status etc., sparking outrage. Meanwhile the testing and vaccine has been offered at no cost to everyone but the left now claims that these same people are being forced into accepting the very vaccine they fought to obtain the right to have.
    Over the last 50 years the left has fought for and won the rights to a vast amount of equality for all under multiple platforms. Now, rather that saying how wonderful the progress has been and promoting brotherhood and peace in the valley, they realize that the Left can only exist in fight mode. If they don’t keep fabricating new causes and their members all become successful, self motivated and not dependent on big government then there is no further need for those politicians to exist. The right is no better as they only care about the dollar. Just step back and see what’s really going on. Look in your children’s eyes. See what they see. See what’s real.

  • Left = "Invade the World; Invite the World"

    Open borders until it hurts!

    Karl Marx opposed Open Borders.

    After your illiterate screed, makes you think!

  • ** right they did nothing wrong!

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