Exhibitionistic tendencies?

There is never a day that I don't wear clothes that show my b****. Like REALLY show my b****. Either it's sheer so you can distinctly see my b****** and nipples through it, or clingy so you can see my nipples popping, or super low cut down the front or the sides. I've had men and women looking without embarrassment, some try to get a better view (and I accommodate them), a few are downright rude and once I've had someone ask if they could touch. (I let them!) The thing is, I don't think boobies are all that big a deal. Men show theirs all the time and they're just skin really. But I also admit I like people looking and I can feel aroused by it. I'm lucky that I have pretty t***, just the right size, and nice nipples. The problem is, I was wondering, can I get arrested? I mean I'm not going topless or nude, I just don't mind if nothing is left to the imagination if my jacket opens up, or my blouse is baggy when I bend down. It's never come up that a police officer was around and the people who are offended just harrumph and walk away so no ones ever called the police but sometimes I wonder. It would be awful to be arrested!

Sep 30, 2021

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