The police kill more whites wrongly than blacks wrongly

The difference is we don't riot loot and burn the property of innocent people both black and white.

Jun 22, 2020

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  • What point does this prove? 83% of the population is white, statistically, more of them are going to die.
    Also, people of color have been peacefully protesting for centuries with no avail. If you look at history, rioting and protesting has been the most effective when trying to make social change.
    Do some research before making ignorant comments like this

  • No it hasn’t, it only appeals to savages like you because your brains are too small to process human intelligence.

  • So if there are statistically more whites than blacks, why does EVERY SINGLE AD THESE DAYS show at least one black person? Not that that's a bad thing, it's the in-your-face quality that's annoying. Advertisers are quick to appear #woke to slurp up those juicy dollars, but that doesn't account for seeing way more black people than are represented in the culture. Your "statistics" rhetoric cuts both ways, not that fools like you are capable of seeing or admitting to it.

    While we're at it, why is it okay to do a reboot inserting black people in every other "hero" (NEVER villain) role? More woketardedness? Yeah, you're not winning any points with people who are capable of seeing.

    Maybe focus on the fact that we're all humans and that the woketard obsession with skin color (especially black) is just as racist as anything your sisterfucking YeeHawdist neighbor has to say.

  • You don't know anything, my fellow brethren.

  • How do you know that's the case, according to your confession title?

    May I ask you, are you from the US or any other country?

    Is your confession regarding the US alone or any other Country?

    And aren't you an individual, expressing your individual opinion? If yes, why did you structure your confession in a way, as if you are a spokesperson for every individual whose Caucasian? Aren't you just a person with opinions?

    There's so many races on earth. So many individuals on earth regardless of race. So how can you account for their individual opinions and make an assumption like you have?

    Don't state matters for other people. Accept, you're stating things based on your own ignorance and prejudice.

  • Every single word you wrote could easily be leveraged at any white knight. Are you capable of seeing and admitting that, or is your own precious "opinion" that that couldn't possibly be true because "reasons"?

    Don't state matters for other people.

  • You're a clueless fat f***. Police kill more blacks AS A PERCENTAGE of their race--than they do white people. That's the problem. Well, on top of the fact that those c********** fascist pig cops kill innocent people in the first place.

  • Well keep your knee off our necks

  • Stop committing crimes and stay away from the police

  • Obviously, because there are more white people. But police kill more blacks per capita. And this country exists due to rioting. White people rioted against the British at the Boston tea party. They hurt other Americans, but it was for a greater good.

  • How much the mayo clinic get for killing coffee

  • Take your meds and THEN attempt to use a keyboard, not the other way around.

  • Only in america

  • They only I'll whites so the can kill the blacks and get away with it... dumb s***

  • That don't make sense. Can you type???

  • *doesn't

  • Don't correct me!

  • Then type correctly, loser!!

  • Get off my a$$ moron. I'm not gay

  • Who said you were? You sound closeted. Or mentally ill. Probably both

  • What's wrong with you too. Stop this love making. So who cards about correcting the booty words.

  • When you communicate clearly, you show that you are intelligent and worthy of respect. If you type stupid and illiterate $hit you will be treated like the moron you really are. This is how the world works, shut up and accept it

  • Police don't kill whites. They need to kill the Mexicans and the chinas

  • Disagree with header, agree with text body, seriously over all the waterheads squeaking about race race race all the time. GET A HOBBY!!

  • Get a job

  • Got one already, that's why I don't need to loot every time my neighbor gets arrested

  • You white people do more looting than shooting

  • What color is your neighbor?

  • Why do you care, RACIST?

  • Bill crap

  • You meant bull

  • Shut up white boy, I meant Bill Cosby jello pudding cups

  • Bill Cosby???? What do he have to do with conversation. And you shut up. So you like digging in some dirty pudding. What colour

  • Serena Williams. You will not live long

  • The mayo clinic ( white people ) already tried that. But failed

  • Skibbledy bibbledy bob bob bob wypipo jsa;lfj

  • You need to go to school. A mind is a terrible thing to waste

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