girls are just as bad as guys

so there is this girl I have the biggest crush on she said that she felt the same way but i m pregnat (by an a******) i was with him for the baby. we flirted with each other for few days and ended up sleeping together a week later me a****** broke up with me he said i dont spend enough time with himso she and i were together for a total of 2 weeks we were never offically together (even though she asked me to be her girlfriend and i said yes then she said that i needed to work out he problems with the guys first) so after she stayed at my house for week (out of the total 2) four days with out seeing or speaking to her she said that she met someone thats really great and they have so much in common she used the saying "i would still like to be friends" and ofcourse no word or sight of her since i feel used lied to and depressed depressed b/c i really liked her enough for her to take up all of my thoughts and have me crying everyday for a week and then when i think im about over her i see some one that looks like her which could have been her and i break down as soon as i get home i wish that the think with her never happened the misery isnt worth the pleasure

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