I hate my step-dad

My mom cheated on my dad with this **. She started telling me, "Don't tell dad that we were with him (the aforementioned **)". I subsequently lie for them for almost a year because what the ** else do i do? My mom and ** get married. The ** starts criticizing everything I do, telling me that I'm not doing enough, and literally looking at me like I'm the spawn of Satan. In case that wasn't enough for him, he has managed to convince my mom that the good kid that she raised (mind you I have given her no reason to mistrust me seeing as in our family honesty was a very important value) is in actuality a hoodlum teenager who does LSD in parking lots. Until he came into my life my parents always trusted me to make the right decision but now my mom and the ** never believe a word I say. For example, I went to school on Saturdays to study for my upcoming exams in this study group that my teachers set up. The moment I got into the car, the two of them started creating these theories as to what I really did; including (but not limited to) sneaking off to have **, doing drugs, and getting drunk. Thank you so much ** for causing my mom to question my character and convincing her that I ruin her life. I hope you burn in ** you piece of **.

Next Confession

Bf took pic of cameltoe

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  • Just remember that women never lie and we should always believe them.

  • I had the same situation gtowjng up except my mom married my stepdad one month before my 4th birthday. Now im an adult. But i have to live with them until college starts bc i have nowhere else to go and its been **. But theres only 3 weeks left. So im impatiently waiting.

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