Gay son

I fear my 21 year old son is gay, he has never had a girlfriend and shows no interest in them. I'm divorced from his mum, over seven years have passed, which I still struggle to cope with. He lives with his mum and stepdad and I know he is very close to him, I worry too close at times. He works in a day center for children and I always thought the only men who work with kids are pedo's and queers. If he is gay I totally blame his mother for being so soft with him, he never wants to go out with me to bars and drink heavily and pick up some cheep women, I know in my heart he is not a real man like me. Just waiting for the day when he finally gets the courage to admit he's not normal

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  • If you don't want him too be gay, teach him how it feels to have s** with men. f*** him in the ass, no lube, and he will stick to women from there on out

  • If he really enjoys kids then he probably rejects your failed marriage and wants to try to rebuild a happy family life ASAP. He's a 28 year old woman's wet dream

  • Another thing - Your views on what a real man is and what deems as normal/abnormal,is blindsided and jaded.

  • If you love your son, you would love and support him, regardless of his sexuality.Stop making assumptions and presuming he's gay and soft.
    You're too judgemental and discriminative. Maybe you need to improve on your attitudes, towards specific things in life. A parent should support, guide, care for and love their child, regardless of their life choices. As long as their life choices aren't, endangering and violating another human being.
    You should be proud, that your son doesn't appear to conform to today's youth culture of; Peer pressure. Why would you want your son, to go out to bars and hook up with, random woman? Is that what your father expected of you, when you was your son's age or is that what you were doing of your own volition? If that's' the case, don't judge your son, by your standards and expectations. Because to be honest, they don't seem wise.
    If your son is a virgin, have you thought that maybe, he's saving himself for someone he loves?
    Also, a person's sexuality, doesn't determine a person's physical/emotional strength.

    Concentrate on your own self worth, attitudes and mind set, instead of your son. You should be happy, that you appear to have, a strong minded son.
    You could have, worse things to worry about.

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