I have desires for my own son

Hi. I’m a 45 year old mom of two. Divorced. Oldest son is 17. I have found myself to be very attracted to him. It started when I accidentally walked in on him and his girlfriend having s**. I closed the door as soon as I saw what was happening but when I thought I was upset, I realized it was actually jealousy. I tried to convince myself that it was not but every time I saw my son after that incident, I found myself staring at him and getting heated at the thought of him. I’ve tried to do away with such inappropriate thoughts but I cannot. I think the idea of listing after my own son is actually starting to excite me. Sometimes I m********* with his briefs. I always feel very guilty after. I wish I could stop but I think the wrongness of the situation is what attracts me.

Oct 2

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  • Yes ur right it’s sometimes it’s the wrong ness that turns you on. Bad but we all have filthy wrong thoughts.

  • Try suicide it's better then prison.

  • Give him hint indirectly. He will be yours.

  • When I was 17, my mum was 49. I really wanted to f*** her and she knew it.
    Mum caught me one day wanking while sniffing a air of her dirty knickers .
    Mum asked me why. I told her that I had seen her naked by spying on her in her bedroom , that I had checked what size her t*** ere from the label on her bra. " oh " she said , " That`s not good " Nothing more was said.
    I carried on watching mum get naked and using her underwear.
    A few years later she caught me at it again, only this time she told me she wanted to see me finish while she watched.
    I agreed that I would if she let me dropped her knickers and let me see her f**** properly . Mum agreed and showed me her hairy f****.
    Mum stopped me wanking and said " Do you still want to f*** me? you`re old enough now. " I didn`t need asking twice. Mum was 52 now.
    I still get hard thinking about that day.

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