Losing my mind

Sometimes I worry that I might be losing my ability to function as a normal person as I get older. I catch myself talking to myself, as if I am having a conversation I’d like to have with someone I know or want to talk to. I don’t focus on things; just an hour ago I made myself cereal and then put the box in the fridge. My family has a history of Asperger’s, Autism, and OCD. I’m only 22, I’m not ready to start showing up for appointments on the wrong day, or forgetting to pick up my sisters, like my mom.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I do the same thing. I have social anxiety, and I'm only guessing this, but I think it is my way of venting. I have random conversations, like pretending I'm a celebrity and mustered up the courage to confess on a televised interviewed everything about my personal life. I have conversations with my family in my mind, or with a stranger about my family. I am too shy to start a journal...Too lazy even considering how many things I have to say!

  • meditate and focus

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