Attempted suicide

I tried to hang myself when I was fifteen years old.I used a belt and was dangling for awhile and I panicked.I tried to hang myself in a closet and I had to pull the rod down I was hanging from or I would have died.I have also always walked by a bridge over a highway and thought about climbing the fence and jumping.I just want all the pain in the world to stop and it never has.I don't have any good memories from childhood and now all the abuse and negelct is haunting me.

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  • Do it, f*****.

  • I have tried to commit Suicide more then once, I have tried therapy but nothing is working. My parents want to but me on medication but I don't like the feeling of being trapped and that's how I feel when I do/don't take my med. The feeling of being trapped is what makes me want to kill myself, I can't talk to know one and it scares me that maybe next time I will prevail in my attempt,,,,, what should I do? Should I just end it or try and carry on???? Some one please HELP!!!

  • The advice of the first poster is on the money. Some things we need help with to live happy lives. A therapist, or a counselor, could get you past the pain you don't deserve.

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