Living out fantasies was a big mistake

When my hubby and I started dating we were kind of adventurous lovers. We'd have s** outside, I stripped in a strip club for him once on an amateur night. I'd go without underwear shopping or to dinner and flash men. we've been together 20 yrs now and the sexcapades started getting more and more extreme. I didn't enjoy them anymore but I couldn't tell my husband because he enjoys coming up with scenarios. I hate it but I do it for him. He's left me naked at a truck stop one night. He made me m********* in an adult store in front of some men. He's taken photos of me with my face hidden and put them online. He's made me sit naked in the car in a parking lot with the windows down while he goes inside to shop. He's blindfolded me naked in a hotel rooms 3 times, told me to lay spread-eagle on the bed and called for maintenance to come up and fix a refrigerator that he had just unplugged. One guy was professional and tried to keep his back to me, one guy asked hubby if he could take a photo and the last guy asked if he could touch and hubby said go for it and he squeezed my t***, fingered my p**** and a******. He wants to let a bunch of his friends use me as a s** slave. And we've joined a swingers group that has a smaller group of people into bdsm and he wants to plan on me doing things at their events. He wants me to start wearing slutty clothes all the time and he doesn't care about being discreet anymore and likes the idea that people will know I'm a w**** so he can come up with other things for me to do. I hate all this more and more but I love him so much and don't want to lose him.

Oct 8

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