Worst day of my life

I once took a shower in a motel after having s** with a guy. When I came out he had disappeared with my bag and clothes and found myself stranded naked in an empty room. I had no other option but to walk to the reception in front of everyone rapt in a towel to call my best girl fiend to pick me up. I remember she couldn't stop laughing when she saw me like that. I'll never forget how degraded I felt.

Oct 8, 2021

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  • I took a shower in the wash off place at our local beach, nobody around and I had some sand in my trunks so I took them off and rinsed them out, hung them on a hook just outside the stall.
    When I came out, someone had stolen them, there I was stark naked at a non nude beach, my clothes 200 yards away, people, families all over the place.
    Then some guy came in, got mad at me for hogging the stall, I asked him to go get my jeans, he realized what had happened, and laughed at me.
    Finally, I had no choice but to run for my blanket to get my pants, embarrassing as h***.
    It didn't even strike me until I got home that it was exciting, so I think I will probably try it again.
    Never did find my bathing suit.

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