Your Sons Birth

Hello Moms.
I had a question about your Sons.
Did you know which Method did they used for your Sons Circumcision ?

Oct 9

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  • OP is that sick twist who's obsessed with little-boy p.een and wants to see them all mangled. It says it's a mommy but that doesn't matter, it's a piece of human filth that the world would be better off without

  • My son was circumcised with a Gomco clamp and it came out perfect. One of my friends had her sons done by a Dr. that use a plastic ring and left too much skin behind. It looked sloppy and like they were not even fully circumcised. When I had my son, I asked my ob/gyn to make sure she removed his whole foreskin when she circumcised him. She said she understood and would give my son a "fully tight" circumcision as she agreed it was best. I recommend finding a Dr. that uses the Gomco and don't be afraid to ask her to make sure its "tight".

  • A small pair of surgical scissors was used on out newborn. Female doctor just snipped his foreskin right off. She made him low and tight, tapered the cut at the same angle as the glans, and left some of the frenulum. We're quite pleased with the result.

  • Sounds like the doctor knew what she was doing. She created a masterpiece that women will enjoy

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