Gf wears white tights all the time and with everything

My gf started wearing white tights with everything. she said it's to make a statement. wtf.
i think it looks gross.

Oct 15

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  • The guy she is cheating on you with, probably her boss, loves it!

  • I agree. She's F**king the boss.
    Can't blame her if she is. The person that wrote this sounds like looser.

  • YOU SUCK! You don't know her!
    She don't like her BOSS! He's old mid 40's and divorced twice.
    He makes her work long hours and go to business dinners at the golf course on Saturdays!

  • Does he “make” her work long hours? Or does she like working h****** his long d*** after hours.

    Regarding the dinners on Saturday at the golf club, I’m sure she is just helping him release some tension after a long day on the coarse. She loves his long hard shaft.

    I’m sure this is the case. I’d place money on it. It is what my husband does. I bothered me until I caught him in the act and saw how his “assistant” enjoyed him. She is so cute and petite. We became friends and enjoy some girl on girl time now and then.

    What is her name?

  • Her name is Madison but he call her Maddy! She don't like that either! He is so unorganized he took her with him to clearwater fl for two weeks! Madison said he has a training conference in Tampa and she has to keep notes for him! What a looser!
    She told me she didn't want to be gone that long but her job requires it. She said he gave her some bonus money to get work cloths for the trip.
    She loves her job but says he's he's a j***. I think she should stand up to him.

    Her boss is pounding your gf's tight c**t.

  • SHE wears them with heels and shoes to work!! She told me her boss and customers like it! wtf! white tights are gross!

  • Nothing hotter than a young lady with a white tights camel toe.

    The camel toe is so much better defined with white tights

  • I would love to blast my hot load all over her feet and legs in those white tights.

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